Evening Package Pickups

Mercury Has the Latest Available FedEx and UPS Pickups in Town

For companies that need to make tight deadlines, the typical 3-5 PM pickup times won’t work.

Whether you’re a biotechnology company looking to ship samples on dry ice, law firm attorney staying in the office well into the night needing to send original documents out, or a marketing agency sending materials on behalf of clients, your team works late and needs a shipping partner who does too.  

Why There Is a Cut Off Time 

Every night, the express carriers fly planes from most major airports to their hubs in Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY. Once there, the overnight sort team works to unload planes, sort packages, and reload packages en route to their final delivery destination. Just like with a passenger flight where you’re asked to arrive at least 60 minutes before your departure time, your package needs to get to the express carriers in time for them to sort and load them onto their nightly flights. 

How Mercury Can Help 

Mercury is the preferred shipping provider for companies that operate late hours, thanks to our late pickups and adaptable couriers. 

We have the latest FedEx and UPS pickups in the area, allowing our couriers to collect packages well past the standard 3-5 PM carrier pickup time.

Mercury couriers consistently run their routes at night to gather packages from clients, bring them to our office for processing, and then deliver them to express carriers for that evening's flights. Our couriers may wait for a crucial package or perform a secondary pickup for packages that were not ready on schedule. Additionally, we even take packages straight to the airport to hand them over to FedEx and UPS beyond their local station cut-off times.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

For packages that need to get out past the cut off times for FedEx and UPS, Mercury offers a Next Flight Out (NFO) service where shipments are placed on the next passenger flight available and are flown directly to the destination and delivered by our courier network. 

Industries We Serve

Life Sciences

Time- and temperature-controlled shipping for life science companies, incl. biotech, pharma, medical devices and diagnostic kits.

Law Firms

Mercury provides courier and express services for legal documents. We offer flexible pickup schedules, also after 5PM.

Financial Institutions

Mercury is here to meet your demands for shipping critical original financial documents, laptop boxes to employees, or network hardware for your IT team.

Marketing Agencies

Mercury helps marketing agencies to ship promotional materials, trade show graphics, and booth equipment.

Electronics & IT Equipment

We provide shipping, packaging, and crating solutions for servers, routers, laptop, desktops, printers and other IT equipment.

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