Next Flight Out (NFO)

When Overnight Express Isn’t Fast Enough and the Distance is Too Far, NFO Shipping Can Get Your Shipment to the Final Destination The Same Day

In today's fast-paced world, time-sensitive shipments demand exceptional logistics solutions. At Mercury, we understand the critical importance of delivering urgent packages promptly and securely. NFO ensures the fastest possible dispatch and delivery of your urgent shipment to its final destination. With next flight out, your package is given priority and will be dispatched on the next available passenger flight. NFO is typically faster than express or overnight shipping, as it leverages existing airline networks and flight schedules.

To send your package on the next available flight, you need to be a known shipper. This means that the TSA has verified you and authorized you to send packages on passenger planes. To become a known shipper, you can apply through an air carrier or an indirect air carrier that is part of the TSA's Known Shipper Management System.

How Next Flight Out Shipping Works

  1. The designated courier will come and pick up your package.
  2. The courier will tender the shipment to the passenger airline with the next flight out to the destination.
  3. The shipment will fly on a passenger flight along with other checked baggage.
  4. A courier will pick up the shipment from the airport and deliver directly to its destination using any special instructions you want, such as calling the recipient once it’s on the delivery truck.

Our NFO Shipping Services

Mercury's dedicated team proactively tracks next flight out shipments and handles every step of the shipping process, from airline booking to pickup to final delivery with a local courier. We work with a global network of partner airlines and couriers to ensure broad coverage and reliable service. Whenever possible, we opt for direct flights to ship your products as quickly as possible. Our NFO shipments cover a range of items, including biological specimens, pre-clinical research samples, medical device equipment, and critical legal documents

The cost of NFO shipping varies depending on factors such as the shipment's size, weight, destination, and any additional services required such as temperature-sensitive cold chain logistics. We also offer shipping insurance options to protect your shipment against loss or damage. The size and weight restrictions for NFO shipments may vary depending on the airline.


Rapid Air Travel: Your shipment takes the next available flight, ensuring prompt delivery and minimizing transit time.

Dry Ice Replenishment: Your temperature-sensitive shipments are protected with the option for dry ice replenishment while in transit.

Efficient Pick-Up: A designated courier picks up your package, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process.

Integrated Last-Mile Delivery: Seamless delivery to your destination, with the courier handling special instructions.

> Whenever possible, we choose non-stop flights

Get Ahead with Mercury's Next Flight Out Solutions 

We provide next flight out shipments that offer door-to-door delivery around the clock, 365 days a year. Our NFO services are available for both domestic and international destinations. We are commitment to maintaining high standards of security and compliance.

Mercury is a TSA Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) approved logistics company and compliant with all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security guidelines.

Mercury also offers GPS trackers to provide real-time location of your critical next flight out shipments. Contact us now if you have any question or need a quote as soon as possible.

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Micro Case Study:

See how Mercury's expertise removes any logistical friction for you:

Empowering Cancer Diagnosis with Time-Sensitive Logistics

Empowering Cancer Diagnosis with Time-Sensitive Logistics

Mercury successfully transported a crucial cancer test sample for diagnosis across the country. Our Next Flight Out service ensured timely delivery with designated couriers experienced in handling time-sensitive packages, from picking up and tendering the package to the passenger airline and another carrier at the destination responsible for picking it up at the airport and delivering on time. 

This patient-centric approach empowered the client to make informed treatment decisions when time was of the essence.

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Urgent Temperature-Controlled Shipments with NFO Service

January 17, 2024

Explore our blog on urgent temperature-controlled deliveries, as we share insights into how we helped a client with an urgent delivery. Learn how we suggested the most optimal next flight out solution for their shipping needs.

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