Same-Day Courier

Same-Day Pickup & Delivery

Mercury handles a variety of courier services, including medical lab courier services, those flying on passenger airlines, and local legal document transfers across the US. To ensure prompt delivery, most shipments go straight from pickup to destination without intermediate stops. For clients with less time-sensitive shipments, we offer other cost-effective solutions.

Some requests are for local moves across town, others require a courier to drive further distances, and in some cases, when a flight is the only option, Mercury offers a Next-Flight Out (NFO) service for same-day delivery.

Medical Lab Courier Services

We understand the importance of timely and secure transportation of lab specimens and supplies. We offer a range of shipping options to cater to the specific needs of our clients in life sciences and healthcare. We provide updates on the status of each shipment, giving you complete visibility. 

Our Guidance & Commitment

Our team provides guidance helping clients understand their options to make the best decision. Often, with larger shipments that incur carrier surcharges when shipped through our express package services, same-day couriers can be cost-effective and deliver faster.

With any shipment through Mercury our team monitors, tracks and troubleshoots any issues, watching over your shipment until final delivery. Mercury offers GPS trackers for clients who want to watch exactly where their shipment is at all times. 

Many Healthcare & Life Sciences companies use our validated shippers to ensure their shipments remain within a specific temperature range.

At any time, our clients can get in touch with our experienced team to go over any of these topics.

Same-Day Courier Services Near Me

Our Solutions Include:

  • IATA trained couriers
  • Couriers trained for shipping Category B, biological specimen samples
  • Regularly scheduled same-day pickups and deliveries
  • We can wait for a legal document to be signed
  • We can go to a designated floor or department to deliver or retrieve a package
  • We have vans and various sized trucks to accommodate large or odd-sized pieces
  • We can offer multiple-stops, round-trip or planned routes customized to fit your needs

We constantly review our same-day courier network and optimize it to offer you unparalleled logistics.

Simplifying Shipping Since 1984

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