Specialty Cold Chain Shipping & Logistics

End-To-End Solution for Cold Chain Logistics

You will receive assistance from the same shipping expert from the initial conversation to the final delivery. This begins with getting all information upfront and vetting the required documentation to discover any needed permits or country-specific paperwork in advance. The same individual will book, track proactively, and follow up as your cold chain shipment moves through each step; keeping you informed until the shipment has been delivered.

Like other specialty cold chain carriers for life science companies, we use passenger airlines, preferring direct flights when available. This not only ensures that your shipment is delivered faster, but it also helps to maintain the integrity of specimens and sensitive materials. We can coordinate life science shipments to any location worldwide through our extensive network of logistics partnerships. 

We can also replenish dry ice for cold chain shipments while in transit (this can be very important at airports).

Our Proactive Approach

Mercury’s comprehensive temperature-controlled shipping solution, responsiveness, and guidance differentiate us from any other specialty cold chain logistics company. We take a proactive approach to the customs paperwork involved in international shipping and pre-clear shipments before we pick them up so they don't remain in a warehouse or customs for days. 

We've heard from many scientists in life sciences that before switching to Mercury, they would budget additional days for shipping, slowing down the research process. 

We Sell Cold Chain Supplies

We carry and sell thermal packaging supplies, including dry ice, cold and gel packs, packaging, temperature monitoring devices, and GPS trackers. Furthermore, we can supply dry ice, including one-time or daily shipments, directly to your laboratory or office. 

Our Services

Next Flight Out (NFO)

Our next NFO service can get your cold chain shipment to the final destination same day.

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Express Shipping

We offer a range of options, including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and 2-day delivery, both domestically and internationally.

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Dry Ice Replenishment

When shipping through a specialty cold chain service, dry ice can be replenished while in transit.

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Same-Day Courier Services

Same-day courier services that meets the specific needs of life science and healthcare organizations.

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11 Critical Considerations When Shipping with Dry Ice

This guide will assist you in identifying the crucial actions necessary for guaranteeing the safe delivery of your cold chain shipment with dry ice.

Industries We Serve

Life Sciences

Mercury partners with life science companies to support their shipping needs, both domestically and internationally.


Biotechnology shipping services require special handling and storage conditions.


Whether you need to ship a small package or a large pallet, Mercury has the solutions you need to get your products to their destination.

Healthcare & Hospitals

We provide same-day couriers, overnight package express, and cold chain logistics for biological samples such as blood that need to be transported between clinics and lab.

Medical Devices

Medical device companies often ship reagents and other materials that require cold chain shipping.

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