Shipping Glossary Terms and Other Resources

A quick reference glossary guide for common shipping terms.

MyShipNow from Mercury

Get Started with MyShipNow

Address Book Import To MyShipNow from UPS

Address Book Import To MyShipNow from FedEx

*Please call 617-723-5205 to register for a MyShipNow account.

Density and PCF calculator

Density and PCF Calculators

Use our calculators to determine the cubic dimensions of a non-palletized shipment, measure the shipment's height, width and length.

Cold Chain Supplies for Sale

Cold Chain Supplies For Sale

Packaging options to keep shipments cold or frozen. We sell dry ice, shipping boxes, GPS trackers, temperature-monitoring devices, phase change materials, liquid nitrogen dewars, and more.

Cold Chain Supplies Overview Infographic

Our inventory includes temperature-controlled containers, GPS trackers, temperature-monitoring devices, and dry ice suitable for various temperature needs.

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