Customs Brokerage Services

Mercury Acts as Your Customs Broker for Imports and Provides Assistance with Setting Up a Customs Broker for Exports or Other Country-Specific Documents

You need a logistics partner with international reach and experience handling customs matters. Our expert team at Mercury invests time in our clients, providing pre-shipment guidance and advisory services for all international shipments. By understanding and adhering to country rules and regulations, we can help you avoid costly customs delays, fines, or penalties. 

Small mistakes on incoterms, insurance, commercial invoices, and customs paperwork can lead to overpaying duties and taxes or cause significant delays. 

We will provide guidance on duties and taxes (D&T) you might need to pay at the border. D&T is calculated based on the value on the commercial invoice. 

We proactively track all your international shipments and provide expertise and assistance with: 

  • Preparing customs paperwork: Harmonized Tariff Codes, Schedule B, Incoterms, Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists, Duties and Taxes, Country Specific Permits, and EEI filings 
  • ATA Carnets: for products staying in a country for a limited time such (trade shows and other product demos)

During the Exploration phase of our Proven Process, Mercury’s experts provide guidance and knowledge so your customs paperwork is accurate.

Customs brokerage services

We offer comprehensive shipping insurance plans and can help you understand how to adjust incoterms to account for insurance. Protect yourself in case of unforeseen issues.

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