Mercury Helps Biotech Incubators and its Tenants with Customized Logistics Services Throughout the U.S.

Life science companies choose Mercury to manage their time- and temperature-sensitive shipping. Our customers trust us to handle their most valuable shipments - whether it's a breakthrough research sample that will determine a cure for a rare disease, a lab supply, or a critical medical implant that could change someone's life.

We work with several biotech incubators, aiming to always deliver customized shipping services tailored to their unique needs, all consolidated under one logistics vendor. This collaboration streamlines the shipping process, reduces complexity, and ensures a consistent, efficient service. We believe that our clients, who are working on life-changing advancements, should not have to spend time on shipping issues or be put on hold when calling a 1-800 number. These companies prefer personalized attention.

Below are some of the organizations Mercury handles temperature-sensitive laboratory shipments for, both domestically and internationally:

Biocom California
Bonneville Labs (California)
California Life Sciences (CLS)
MBC Biolabs (California)
Fulton Labs (Illinois)
The NCBIO, the North Carolina Biosciences Organization
SmartLabs (Massachusetts)
MassBio (Massachusetts)
MBI (Massachusetts)
Nest.Bio Labs (Massachusetts)
Bio Labs (Nationwide)

What You Get:

  • Hassle-Free Shipping: No volume minimums, contracts, or monthly fees.
  • Specialty Cold Chain and Next Flight Out (NFO): We have longstanding partnerships with major airline companies and can customize the best flight routes anywhere in the world for your cold chain shipments.
  • 24/7 Access to Logistics Experts: Our dedicated squad teams are available to monitor and troubleshoot any issues that may arise because we care about your shipments as much as you do. If you need to call us, you will never be put on hold like with a regular 1-800 number.
  • NavigentSM (Our New Shipping Portal): Our new portal will simplify the entire shipping process for you. Schedule express, same day, next flight out, specialty cold chain, and freight shipments, all from one convenient location.
  • Comprehensive Logistics Solutions: From warehousing, customs processing to chain of custody, we ensure safe and timely delivery of your life-changing research samples or medical devices.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your lab operations staff handle all their shipping needs.

About Incubator Companies in Biotechnology:

About Biotechnology Incubator CompaniesA biotech incubator is a facility or organization designed to assist with the development of successful early-stage biotechnology companies and sometimes serves as a small division of a larger biotechnology organization.
The incubators provide these startups and others with support including laboratory space, research and development tools, and access to potential investors. The goal is to help these startup companies grow until they can function independently, make significant scientific advancements, and bring their innovative products to market. 
The teams at these startups are generally small, so the people usually manage many tasks and are grateful to receive Mercury's personalized hassle-free shipping support.  

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