TSA Indirect Air Carrier (IAC)

Expedited air shipping on commercial airplanes

Access to Greater Flight Routes - Meet Tight Delivery Deadlines

A TSA Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) is a transportation company that does not operate aircraft, but instead arranges for the movement of air cargo on behalf of shippers. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Indirect Air Carriers are companies that provide ground transportation of cargo to and from airports. As such, these companies are responsible for ensuring that all cargo is properly screened and secure, in compliance with TSA regulations.  

Indirect Air Carrier companies must undergo a rigorous certification process and regular audits by the TSA to ensure that they are meeting all applicable regulations and standards. Additionally, these companies are subject to strict reporting and record-keeping requirements to help ensure the security of the cargo they transport. 

TSA Indirect Air Carrier (IAC)

Using a TSA-approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) such as Mercury can be a wise choice for numerous reasons. Not only do approved IACs have access to a greater range of flight routes but they can also help you meet tight delivery deadlines at better shipping rates. 

Mercury Provides Expedited Air Shipping

Your shipment can be delivered in a very expedited manner on commercial airplanes, often same day. Mercury works directly with airlines and airports to ensure that your shipment gets on the next flight out (NFO) and follows all necessary TSA security requirements. With our nationwide and international shipping capabilities, distance is no barrier to getting your shipment where it needs to be fast.  

Learn more about the IAC program on TSA's website.

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