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Ever Wonder Where Your Package Is And Wish the Carrier's Customer Service Could Actually Help with the Tracking?

For those with high-priority shipments, a GPS tracker is a powerful tool — you can track a package’s exact location on a tarmac, in a warehouse, or on the grounds of any destination. GPS trackers are a valuable tool for tracking life science shipments such as those that fall under UN 3373 B regulation and clinical samples. 

With GPS, you don’t have to rely just on the carrier's information. You can see exactly where your shipment is and proactively intervene, for example, when you see that a flight is leaving and the package is not on the flight. Airports such as Chicago O’Hare can be massive and complex. From the shipment's movement between various cargo warehouses to its final destination, you will possess comprehensive insights that surpass the carrier's own knowledge. Armed with this detailed information, you can engage in more informed conversations with the carrier, effectively addressing any concerns or inquiries. 

While GPS trackers provide an invaluable tool for tracking packages, it's important to note that they temporarily lose connectivity during flights due to airline regulations. Nonetheless, you will still be well-informed regarding your package's status, knowing precisely when it boards the flight and when it lands at its destination. After your shipment is complete, the tracker is disposable. 

Using GPS Trackers for Life Science Shipments

GPS trackers offer unparalleled benefits when it comes to tracking life science shipments, particularly those falling under UN 3373 B regulation and clinical samples. The delicate nature of these temperature-sensitive shipments demands the highest level of precision and monitoring.

We Sell GPS Trackers

Mercury’s GPS Monitoring program includes non-lithium trackers with an experienced proactive tracking client support team. 

  • Long Non-Lithium Battery 
  • Life Temperature (-20°C to 60°C), Humidity, Light, Shock, and Orientation Tracking 
  • Disposable GPS Tracker 
  • Tracking Location Pings Every 5 Minutes

Tive - 5G GPS and Temperature Probe

Tive - GPS and Temperature Probe for Dry Ice ShipmentsTive is a 5G single-use multi-sensor tracker. This tracker ensures real-time visibility, while the Tive Dry Ice Probe is specifically designed to monitor product stability within dry ice shippers.

By integrating the GPS tracker with the probe, users can have continuous real-time monitoring of temperature and location, ensuring optimal safety for cold chain shipments. This combination is particularly beneficial for Life Sciences companies. 

GPS Trackers for Cold Chain Shipments

One of the most significant advantages of using a GPS tracker is the peace of mind it provides. You can check on the location of your shipment at any time, giving you reassurance and the ability to stay informed.

We Track Every Shipment and Troubleshoot Any Issue So You Don’t Have To

GPS Tracker Case Study

Accurate GPS tracking of courier deliveries

The client, a medical device company, frequently ships valuable devices to various locations in the U.S. for use in Monday morning surgeries. This can be challenging due to the difficulties that can arise with weekend shipping

The client wanted to have the most detailed tracking visibility possible for their critical shipments at all times. They were searching for a shipping company that offered GPS trackers with live location mapping for each shipment. This would allow them to know exactly where their shipments were at any given time. They turned to Mercury for help.

Tracking Accurate Deliveries

A GPS tracker is a valuable asset for tracking packages after they have been handed over to a courier. While most couriers are reliable and do a great job, there is a small chance that mistakes can occur. Using a GPS tracker can help to mitigate the risk of errors and ensure that critical packages are delivered accurately.

In this particular case, the tracker alerted us to an issue when the courier delivered the package to the wrong address across the street of the hospital. Thanks to the tracker, we were able to intervene and correct the mistake before it caused any additional delays. GPS trackers are a useful tool for navigating large, complex destinations like hospital campuses with multiple buildings.

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