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We Provide Biological Samples Shipping For Exempt Specimen, Category A, and UN3373B Category B

Each has specific packaging rules that need to be complied with. Many biological specimens have temperature requirements when shipping; some must remain frozen, and dry ice can be used, while others must remain between 2-8 Celsius, where phase change materials (PCM) can be used.

It is important for any organization shipping biological specimens to use a shipping service that can deliver within the turnaround time of the samples. Some specimens, such as blood samples, often need to be delivered to a laboratory within 24 to 48 hours of being collected. Weekends make this even more complicated since the large carriers do not move shipments on Sundays.

Another complication is understanding the carrier's delivery rules; shipments that need a signature might arrive at a lab before it is open, leading to a delay when the carrier must wait and deliver the samples later in the day.

Chain of Custody

The process of tracking shipments and maintaining a chain of custody, along with accurate reporting, can be complex for a business. You need timely updates on your shipments, especially in cases of delays that might necessitate re-sampling, and you require estimates on the number of samples reaching the laboratory each day. Traditional carrier notifications often lag in reporting problems. Without dedicated round-the-clock monitoring of each shipment, companies usually receive information about issues too late to effectively respond. Mercury addresses all these challenges by providing active monitoring and troubleshooting of all shipments.

Direct Specimen Pickup from Patients' Homes

Mercury can provide a biological specimen pickup service directly from a patient's home, adhering strictly to a tight pickup window to ensure no compromise on the timeliness of analysis back in the laboratory. We equip each shipment with dry ice, cold packs, and cold chain boxes, or any other supplies you may need, ensuring the integrity of the specimens throughout their journey. You will have full trackability of shipments and receive real-time updates on each one.

Temperature Tracking

We can provide state-of-the-art temperature monitoring services for shipments utilizing both Dry Ice and Cold Packs. These services include the use of TempTale devices, capable of measuring temperatures as low as -95 °C.

GPS Trackers

Our GPS Monitoring program includes disposable non-lithium trackers with an experienced proactive tracking client support team. 

Take advantage of our flexible pick-up and delivery times for biological sample shipments. Examples of specimens we ship include, but are not limited to plasma, urine, serum, blood, tissue samples, saliva, RNA samples, and cells from humans and animals. We guarantee the integrity and timely delivery of vials, preserving the quality of your valuable specimens throughout their journey.  Our couriers ensure safe delivery, both domestically and internationally.

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Shipping Biological Specimens with Confidence

Our Services

Specialty Cold Chain Logistics

Mercury offers an end-to-end solution for global cold chain shipments that require a specific temperature range.

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Dry Ice Replenishment

When shipping through a specialty cold chain service, dry ice can be replenished while in transit.

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Cold Chain Supplies

Mercury offers best-in-class cold chain supplies, such as thermal shippers, coolants, temperature monitoring devices and GPS trackers.

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Same-Day Courier Services

Mercury offers a wide range of same-day couriers services for pre-clinical research.

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Express Shipping

We offer a range of options, including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and 2-day delivery, both domestically and internationally.

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Micro Case Study:

See how Mercury removes any logistical friction for you:

Safeguarding Temperature-Sensitive Biohazard Material for Uninterrupted Research

Shipping biohazardous materials

Our team successfully facilitated the secure importation of biohazardous materials from Canada to the US, which was vital for a client's research as no duplicate samples were available. Our team of experts ensured precise classification, clearance documentation, and careful packaging, guaranteeing timely and safe delivery. Our support was crucial in ensuring uninterrupted research, which is essential for scientific progress.

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