Packaging & Crating Services

Our Packaging and Crating Services Provide You with Everything You Need, From Cardboard Boxes and Crates to Shipping Labels

Our team is here to provide guidance and knowledge on the type of packaging, insurance, and labeling requirements so that we can take into account both the right container and the right shipping solution. We understand that each shipment is unique and requires a customized approach so that's why our packaging and crating services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

We use high-quality materials to ensure that your items are well-protected during transit. Our cardboard boxes and crates are sturdy and durable, providing reliable protection.

  • Express carrier packaging at no cost, brought directly to your office by us
  • Laptop boxes and equipment return
  • Validated thermal shippers
  • Preconditioned pallet thermal shippers
  • Customized crates
  • For Express Package in styrofoam thermal shippers, Mercury provides outer packaging
  • GPS trackers
  • Temperature monitoring devices
  • Dry ice (UN 1845 Class 9), UN3373 and hazardous materials labels and stickers
  • Mercury can pickup and transport uncrated, sensitive materials
  • For multiple boxes moving together as a freight shipment, Mercury will pick up the boxes, palletize and shrink wrap

Laptop Shipping Boxes

Laptop Shipping BoxesOur clients often work remotely and send laptops to new employees. Mercury's team handles the pickup of these laptops by using secure laptop boxes and arranges for the final shipping to the end-user. Additionally, we provide return labels and manage the pickup of boxes from the employee's home or office back to our location. 

We can also provide you with packaging solutions for other types of IT equipment such as servers.

Custom Crates

Custom crates are often used by our robotics and medical device clients. The instruments and devices require customized crating, allowing them to ship domestically and overseas with the confidence that their shipments are secure as they move.

Validated Thermal Shippers

KoolTemp Insulated Shipping BoxesMercury stocks several sizes of validated thermal shippers. We make this typically complicated process simple through our advice and guidance narrowing down, through our experience, to the shippers you are most likely to use.

White Glove Delivery

Mercury's white glove delivery service not only transports the item to its destination but also includes uncrating and unpacking, if needed.

Trade Show Equipment

Packaging and crating for trade showsVery large trade show booths are shipped, sometimes along with an actual instrument or device. These oversized, larger pieces need to go through a Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) carrier or through Air Freight

Choosing the best trade show shipping option can be challenging and is an area where our team excels. We understand what is required and carefully review the details.

Packaging and crating services

Expert Knowledge and Guidance

Proactively Tracking & Troubleshooting Exceptions

Flexible Pickups

Customized Invoices and Reports

Real Person, Not a 1-800 Number

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