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Best Choice for Cold Chain Supplies

June 22, 2023
Best Choice for Cold Chain Supplies

Specialty Cold Chain Supplies – What is the Best Choice?

Written By: Debbie Jung

There are several options for specialty cold chain supplies so it's essential to do your upfront research. To assist you, read about what to consider when choosing your specialty cold chain supplies. Factors such as temperature control, insulation efficiency, and packaging durability should be carefully examined to ensure the safe and effective delivery of sensitive goods.

Temperature-Monitoring Devices

When you can't sleep at night, knowing that your package might not be in pristine temperatures and that a tracking number isn't enough, consider using a temperature-monitoring device. These high-tech devices come in different levels. These advanced devices are designed to track the temperature consistently throughout the entire shipment journey. You'll receive a comprehensive report upon the package's arrival, providing valuable insights into the temperature conditions the box has endured. 

However, when you need live alerts of your package’s temperature, opting for a temperature monitoring device that can show live temperature and location tracking is recommended. Consider how critical your shipments are, especially if they are irreplaceable.  

Insulated Shipping Containers

Validated Shippers for Cold Chain ShippingTemperature-controlled packaging is pivotal for keeping your product within the correct temperature range. In the health and life science industries, there are many insulated shippers of different shapes and sizes available for thermal packaging. Protect your package by choosing a strong and trusted insulated shipper that can maintain the desired temperature range.

Consider the frequency of use for these shipping containers. If you are sending research materials that need to be returned, explore reusable shipping containers that can withstand the duration of sending and receiving.

Dry Ice, Ice Packs and Phase Change Materials

Pharmaceuticals shipping servicesFinding a dry ice company that exclusively specializes in shipping dry ice can be challenging. There are instances where dry ice and ice packs are needed on short notice. Find a provider that is resourceful and can offer the necessary supplies even in last-minute scenarios, ensuring flexibility to your needs. 

Mercury offers both dry ice and cold packs to our clients at a discounted price. All dry ice and cold packs are delivered at the appropriate temperature, allowing clients to use them immediately.

When you must keep your package cold but not frozen, phase change materials (PCMs) can meet your specific needs. PCMs are reusable, unlike dry ice, as they must be pre-conditioned before use. These supplies require special refrigeration and cold storage. All reputable temperature-controlled logistic companies have dedicated refrigerators for PCMs. Most companies should send pre-conditioned PCMs in cold storage ready to use for their clients.  

Streamline Your Cold Chain Shipments with a Centralized Solution

It doesn’t matter if you have the best specialty cold chain supplies; what matters is who coordinates your shipment, tracks, and troubleshoots until the package arrives at its destination. Deciding on a reputable shipping company that can provide top-quality supplies and coordinate your shipments is vital. Yes, you can have a supplier for your dry ice, another for cold packs, and another for insulated shippers. But realistically, having one company that can ship all supplies to you and then assists in shipping out your package builds consistency and a stronger partnership. 

At Mercury, we look to centralize and simplify your shipping complications. Deciding on supplies that best fit your company can be overwhelming. Reach out to one of our experts today for honest advice on specialty cold chain supplies. 

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