Proactive Temperature-Monitoring Devices For Your Shipments

Temperature-monitoring devices are commonly used in cold chain shipment to ensure that the temperature of perishable goods, such as pharmaceuticals and biological samples, remains within a safe range during transportation and storage. These devices help to ensure the safety and quality of products and materials. 

These devices can track and record the temperature, allowing for early detection and correction of any temperature deviations. Mercury offers you the most advanced temperature monitoring services for both Dry Ice and Cold Pack shipments. 

Sensitech - TempTale

TempTale UltraIn collaboration with Sensitech, we offer the TempTale® Ultra Datalogger which is a groundbreaking USB temperature tracking instrument. Certified for the pivotal Life Sciences industry, this streamlined device can manage up to six temperature alarms. 

It comes equipped with an easy-to-use LCD screen, quick data downloading feature, and automatic PDF conversion, all without necessitating extra software. 

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Tive - 5G GPS and Temperature Probe

Tive - GPS and Temperature Probe for Dry Ice ShipmentsTive is a 5G single-use multi-sensor tracker. This tracker ensures real-time visibility, while the Tive Dry Ice Probe is specifically designed to monitor product stability within dry ice shippers.

By integrating the GPS tracker with the probe, users can have continuous real-time monitoring of temperature and location, ensuring optimal safety for cold chain shipments. This combination is particularly beneficial for Life Sciences companies. 

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Shipping & Logistics - General

Advanced 5G GPS Trackers

June 19, 2023

By leveraging 5G trackers, businesses can take a proactive approach to time- and temperature-sensitive shipments, benefiting from real-time visibility, accurate GPS location updates, and timely information.

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