Proactive Temperature-Monitoring Devices For Your Shipments

Temperature-monitoring devices are commonly used in cold chain shipment to ensure that the temperature of perishable goods, such as pharmaceuticals and biological samples, remains within a safe range during transportation and storage.

These devices can track and record the temperature, allowing for early detection and correction of any temperature deviations.

Mercury offers you the most advanced temperature monitoring services for both Dry Ice and Cold Pack shipments. Mercury includes a TempTale device that can monitor temperatures as low as -95 °C.

How It Works

Using TempTale is simple: 

  1. Press a button
  2. Add the device to your shipment
  3. Plug it into a PC at the end to retrieve your temperature data.


  • 30-Day Operating Life
  • Temp Monitoring Range: -90°C to +30°C
  • Probeless
  • Up to 6 Programmable Alarms
  • $140 per device

temperature-monitoring devices

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