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Advanced 5G GPS Trackers

June 19, 2023
Advanced 5G GPS Trackers

Enhancing Time- and Temperature-Sensitive Shipping

Written By: Debbie Jung

Time- and temperature-sensitive shipping requires meticulous attention to detail and planning as it is a high-stakes operation. Selecting the appropriate tools for monitoring your shipments, whether transported via passenger airlines, cargo airlines, or trucks, is crucial for obtaining comprehensive information about your goods' journey. Access to real-time visibility, GPS monitoring, and streamlined communication operations is essential. By leveraging these tracking devices, you can significantly enhance the success rate of your time- and temperature-sensitive packages. 

Real-Time Visibility for Proactive Monitoring

Being proactive in time- and temperature-sensitive shipments is crucial. Working and planning proactively will save much time in the latter half of your shipment's journey. 5G trackers offer this quality of real-time visibility on your shipments. These trackers provide easy connectivity and precise GPS location updates utilizing cellular technology, including LTE IoT Cat0M1 and GSM fallback. You can ensure timely deliveries and a maintained temperature range by accessing the most recent information on the shipment's whereabouts. This way, businesses can gain access to address any issues proactively.  

Tive Solo 5G and Enhanced Sensor Accuracy

Tive Solo 5GIn temperature-sensitive logistics, ensure the accuracy of the range of sensors, including temperature, light, humidity, shock, and motion. We recommend using Tive Solo 5G, a GPS tracking device that offers this range and simplified monitoring capabilities.

Tive consolidates collected shipment data in a cloud platform, enabling teams to evaluate the condition of the temperature-sensitive goods throughout the entire journey in real time. Possible anomalies can be prevented, risks diminished, and necessary measures can be taken by leveraging this detailed information to maintain product quality. 

Environmental Safeguards and Simplified Operations

At Mercury, we specialize in time- and temperature-sensitive shipping, so our clients don't have to. We chose Tive Solo 5G trackers for one of our specialty cold chain supplies as it provides 100% real-time tracking accuracy for location, temperature, and other crucial factors for the shipment. On top of this, Tive Solo 5G prioritizes environmental responsibilities while still simplifying shipping operations. This tracker also aligns with our sustainability goals as it is designed with a non-lithium battery and is recyclable. We always ask our clients to return these trackers back to Mercury if they’d like but it is not mandatory. 

The simplified, user-friendly features streamline the shipping process for Mercury and our clients. Looking for such accessible activation features is crucial to eliminate complex reverse logistics operations.  


Utilizing tools such as an advanced 5G GPS tracker is crucial for success in time- and temperature-sensitive logistics. These trackers grant the possibilities of real-time visibility, precise location monitoring, and simplified operations for all of our temperature-sensitive shipments. Taking the time to find a real-time IOT visibility provider is a project within itself—and the steps Mercury took to vet Tive enables us to maintain the quality and safety of our sensitive shipments. 

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