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How Mercury Portal Drives Operational Efficiency

January 29, 2024
Portal by Mercury

Being Intentional With Your Tech Stack

Written By: Jasmine Martirossian

Any organization, be it a small business, mid-size company, or a Fortune 100 enterprise has to be intentional about how they use their tech stack. The same goes for not-for-profit entities, be it a small trade association or a global entity like the United Nations.

Decision-makers and users of technology should always critically examine their use of the different elements of their tech stack. Are you training your people to use certain software, yet you are using only 10% of its functionality? It may be draining resources on a variety of levels if any software or tool is not fully utilized.

These considerations were top of mind when Mercury was developing its Mercury Portal. It is designed to provide a holistic view of the client organization’s entire shipping, and enables them to drive operational efficiencies

Mercury Portal handles all types of shipping, including time- and temperature-sensitive shipping.

There are many key areas where clients can drive operational efficiency using Mercury Portal.

  • Holistic View and Volume – Centralizing all shipments in one place allows organizations to have a holistic view of their shipping and logistics needs.  They can see the overall volume of shipments and can identify certain patterns in how they handle shipments.

  • Timing of Shipments – Users of the Mercury Portal can drive operational efficiency by recommending better approaches to timing shipments.  For instance, if many international shipments are going out on Fridays, this will create possible challenges and likely add costs.  On weekends, customs services around the world are understaffed, and the recipient locations are likely closed.  A weekend shipment might spend longer awaiting customs clearance even if all paperwork is ready, and might require more dry ice replenishment. So this will add to the cost of the shipment.

  • Consolidation – Looking at all shipments in the Mercury Portal, will help you determine if possibly several shipments are going to the same location. This may enable you to consolidate shipments and allow for greater efficiency and better cost control.

  • Improved Internal Coordination and Collaboration – Having a holistic view of all shipments in the Mercury Portal may enable you to better coordinate shipments internally and will deliver greater operational efficiency. This, in turn, will lead to better collaboration among different teams within the organization.

  • Financial and Budgetary Planning – When all shipments are in the Mercury Portal, you can make better budgetary forecasts and allocations.

  • Overall Organizational Improvements – When people take the actions described above, it will naturally lead to greater operational efficiencies within the organizations as these behaviors will carry through to other actions.  In the end, this will help to break down silos in organizations and achieve effective cross-functional collaboration.

If you need help with your shipping and global logistics needs, the Mercury Portal, coupled with Mercury’s white-glove service, will help you meet your needs and achieve success. 

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