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Urgent Temperature-Controlled Shipments with NFO Service

January 17, 2024
Urgent Temperature-Controlled Deliveries

Saving the Day With Next Flight Out

Written By: Narek Hakobyan

Urgent temperature-controlled deliveries can be challenging, especially when there is a tight deadline. In this blog, we share how we helped a biotech client who needed an urgent delivery sent out that day, while maintaining a specific temperature range for their package. We also explain how our logistics guides used their expertise and creativity to find the best shipping solution for their needs.

The Challenge and Solution

A client reached out to us with a pressing request: they needed to ship a temperature-sensitive package that same day. Our logistics team quickly looked into the possibility of using a next flight out (NFO) service, which would ensure that the package arrived at its destination as fast as possible. However, they soon realized that there were no suitable flights available for that day.

Our team explored alternative options for the client. One option was to use our express shipping service, which would still deliver the package within a reasonable time frame. However, this option was not ideal for the client’s temperature-sensitive package. Therefore, our team advised the client to consider another option: delaying the shipment until the next day and opting for the NFO service instead. They explained the benefits and drawbacks of both options, emphasizing the reliability and security of the NFO service, as well as its hands-on experience.

The Result

The client was impressed by our team’s honesty and professionalism. They agreed that the NFO service was the ideal option for their package, and decided to wait until the next day to ship it.

Our logistics guides booked the earliest flight available for the next morning, and coordinated the pickup and delivery of the package. The next day, the package was collected from the client’s location and taken to the airport. It was then loaded on the flight and flown to San Francisco. Upon arrival, it was transferred to another courier and delivered to the recipient’s location.

The Moral of the Story

This success story shows how we at Mercury help our clients choose the right services for their shipping needs and optimize their shipping experience. We listen to their challenges, offer them the best solutions, and support them throughout the process.

We are proud of our team at Mercury, who enable us to deliver outstanding results for our clients. If you are looking for a partner who can handle your time-sensitive and temperature-controlled healthcare and life sciences shipping needs with experience, reliability, and trust, contact us today. We would love to hear from you and assist you with your next shipment.

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