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With Mercury, you'll never need to worry about building an internal shipping department – Mercury is your single point of contact for all of your shipping needs, providing you with an experienced team of professionals. 

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Our nationwide white glove delivery service is custom built for medical device logistics. Whether a local move from your contract manufacturer to your nearest client, or a shipment for an important international demo, our team consistently provides the guidance and expertise you need to ensure a smooth and on-time delivery. Our team provides you with several shipping solutions, helping you to find the option that works best for your needs. Our experts will help you navigate international customs paperwork and monitor and track each shipment until it reaches its final destination.

Shipping Solutions for Medical Devices

Domestic Freight

International Freight

Express Package

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Packaging and Crating

Specialty Cold Chain

Let Mercury’s shipping experts join your team, whether you’re sending one shipment a month, or hundreds per week.

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Domestic Freight

Our medical device clients often ship large instruments to hospitals or universities through a scheduled appointment. Reliability is critical for medical device shipments, so our team monitors and tracks the status of each item to ensure on-time delivery to the right location and floor. Mercury is unique in that we manage the temporary storage of crates or devices as they move from one appointment to another. Our clients also rely on us as a resource to remove crates after delivery for disposal, or to be reused after a demo has ended. During the Discovery and Exploration phases of our Proven Process, we ask the right questions to understand your unique requirements, allowing us to orchestrate your shipments as an extension of your team. We focus on your shipping, so you can focus on your business.

International Freight

Mercury's team of experts offers knowledge and guidance to our clients regarding international documentation, ATA carnets, required paperwork, HTS numbers, incoterms, and more. International shipping can be difficult to navigate, so our clients rely on Mercury’s team to provide thorough communication from pickup through customs until final delivery is made. Many of our clients who are familiar with large supply chain and trade compliance companies are often surprised to find that Mercury has no added charges or consulting fees.

Mercury also specializes in providing guidance and support with incoterms, insurance, and duties and taxes (D&T).

For medical devices sold to a company overseas, the first question is, who pays the D&T? The advantage of having the recipient pay D&T is the exporting company doesn’t have to pay large upfront charges, rather, the buyer takes on those costs. The challenge with this is if the recipient is not on file with customs already, lack of communication can lead to unwanted customs delays. Customs will not release a shipment until they have confirmed that the billing information of the recipient is on file.

Insuring shipments can be complex and depends on if the equipment shipped is new or used. Mercury offers a comprehensive insurance plan for both and helps our clients understand how to adjust incoterms to account for insurance. Finally, D&T is calculated based on the value on the commercial invoice. For medical devices sold to a company overseas, the commercial value is based on the sale price of the device. For units being shipped for demo purposes, the value often reflects the cost to manufacture, resulting in lower D&T costs. Another option for demo shipments is to use a carnet, which will reduce duties and taxes. However, when shipping on a carnet there are expiration dates that need to be carefully managed.

Small mistakes on incoterms, insurance, commercial invoices, and customs paperwork can lead to overpaying duties and taxes or critical time delays. During the Exploration phase of our Proven Process, Mercury’s experts provide guidance and knowledge that will help you make the right decisions.

Express Package

Many medical device companies ship a larger device along with a consumable so that they all arrive together at their client’s site. In other cases, consumables are shipped on a regular basis once the device is in place as ordered. Our medical device clients prefer working with a single company for both their heavier devices and their small package Express Small Package.

Consumables are often extremely time or temperature-sensitive. Typically, these are shipped as overnight shipments, but many clients often switch to 2nd-day shipping to reduce costs and gain efficiencies as they build out buffer stocks at their customer sites. Mercury works with you to develop both a short-term shipping plan and a long-term solution as a part of our Proven Process.

Our early-stage clients and those launching products look to Mercury to understand the specifics around rates, shipping workflows, and delivery expectations. Each company is different, which is why Mercury offers customized solutions for creating labels, scheduling pickups, providing tracking visibility, and the flow of information to fit your business. This ranges from more technical solutions such as an API integration, to simple solutions including login credentials to our MyShipNow portal.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

As your single point of contact for all of your shipping needs, Mercury offers long-term warehousing space as well as temporary storage sites domestically and overseas. Our clients use Mercury’s flexible warehousing options when they grow out of the storage space at their contract manufacturer, are preparing to launch, are running out of office space for storage, or if they're simply looking to move product to various parts of the country.

For medical device companies looking to store a single pallet short-term or smaller devices that need to be pulled based on an expiration date over a longer period of time, our highly secured and dry warehousing space accommodates both. Mercury does not require a contract and offers simple month-to-month billing. At the Exploration stage of our Proven Process, we ask the right questions to determine your specific needs and provide cost-effective solutions.

Packaging and Crafting

Mercury’s team of experts is your single resource for a wide range of shipping and packaging options. From simple cardboard boxes, to small hard-shell cases, to large customized crates, Mercury provides individualized guidance to serve your unique needs.

When shipping a medical device, it’s important to consider the handling and potential movement of your device, as it transfers between vehicles, planes, and terminals. Proper packaging is crucial to ensuring the protection of your device. Our team of experts is here to offer guidance on packaging types, insurance, and labeling requirements so that we can provide you with the best possible shipping solution.

Many of our clients also have delicate, time-sensitive shipments that require delivery to a specific floor within a hospital or university. Mercury will also help uncrate instruments, as well as discard the crate or hold it in a nearby warehouse in the event of a multi-week demo.

Specialty Cold Chain

Medical device companies often ship reagents and other materials that require cold chain shipping. Mercury gives you the flexibility of multiple options for each cold chain shipment, including via express carriers or directly through airlines. Our team provides individualized guidance to help you know when to take advantage of our specialty shipping services.

Our proactive shipping approach and personalized attention are unique among cold chain carriers. From your first conversation with Mercury regarding a cold chain shipment through final delivery, you'll be working with the same Mercury experts that understand your specific needs. This includes our initial discovery phase where we gather all information upfront to vet the required documentation, permits, or country-specific paperwork, as well as proactive tracking and customer support through each step of the way until your package has been received.

Additional Services

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA):

    Repairs and warranties are often provided by medical device companies when an instrument needs repair. We help our clients manage the return of the original device and ship the new or repaired device.

  • Combined Deliveries:

    Medical device companies often ship various instruments combined with other packaging sizes that are required to arrive at the same time. Our solutions include the ability to manage and track multiple shipments so that they stay together.

  • Reports:

    Many of our clients rely on Mercury to produce reports of their previous shipments over a specific period of time, such as quarterly or annually. These can include various data points to help them understand their business.

  • Commercial Invoices:

    We assists our clients with commercial invoices to ensure accuracy and avoid customs delays.

  • Other Customs Documentation:

    We offer assistance and guidance with EEI filings, establishing an EORI, determining the correct Schedule B and HTS number, as well as making an informed decision regarding incoterms, duties and taxes, carnets, and commercial invoice values. Mercury acts as your customs broker for imports and provides assistance with setting up a customs broker for exports or other country-specific documents.

  • Integration (API):

    Mercury has an open API that can be used to connect with a variety of software systems, such as ERPs, in order to automate the flow of information for our clients. Some commonly used features include booking shipments, importing tracking information into your system for easy management, or scheduling pickups.

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