Cold Chain Shipping Services

Mercury offers a unique comprehensive solution where you can ship through the express carriers or directly through the airlines for shipments that require dry ice replenishment. Our team provides guidance, helping clients gain clarity on when to use our specialty shipping services.

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Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Used most often by our Life Sciences clients, Mercury offers an end-to-end solution for global cold chain shipments that require a specific temperature range. Like other specialty cold chain carriers, we use the airlines, preferring direct flights when available.

Validated Thermal Shippers

Why Mercury?

Mercury’s comprehensive temperature-controlled shipping solution, responsiveness, and guidance differentiate us from any other specialty cold chain company. Our team understands the importance of your shipments and prides itself on responsiveness to emails and calls. We take a proactive approach to the paperwork involved in international shipping and pre-clear shipments before we pick them up so they don't remain in a warehouse or customs for days. We've heard from many scientists that before switching to Mercury, they would budget additional days for shipping, slowing down the research process.

We can replenish the dry ice while in transit.

Mercury offers a proactive process with personalized attention and guidance prior to shipping, leading to clear expectations. You will receive assistance from the same shipping expert from the initial conversation to the final delivery. This begins with getting all information upfront and vetting the required documentation to discover any needed permits or country-specific paperwork in advance. The same individual will book, proactively track, and follow up as your shipment moves each step of the way; keeping you informed until the shipment has been delivered and they’re available for questions along the way.

Single Point of Contact

Instead of using multiple vendors for your cold chain supplies, Mercury partners with the best thermal packaging, GPS tracking, and temperature monitoring device manufacturers to provide our clients with a single, comprehensive solution.

Cold Chain Shipping FAQ

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  • Dry Ice Replenishment While in Customs
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  • Cold Chain Last Mile
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  • CAR T Logistics
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Since 1984, Mercury has been on a mission to support innovation by simplifying shipping. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

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