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CAR-T cell therapy, a cancer treatment that uses modified T-cells from a patient to target cancer, requires careful handling and temperature control during transport to maintain cell viability.

A specialized cold chain service such as the one Mercury provides, is required to transport these t-cells. 

Cryogenic storage containers called ‘dewars’ are used for transporting these T-cells. These dewars can maintain a temperature of minus 150 degrees Celsius or lower and can hold their temperatures for many days. The shipments are typically frozen with liquid nitrogen. These temperature-controlled containers must be delivered within a certain time frame to maintain their potency. 

Liquid nitrogen

It's essential that the shipping service you choose provides the necessary equipment such temperature monitoring devices and GPS trackers to ensure the safe delivery of the T-cells for therapeutic use.

We also partner with cryogenic storage facilities.

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Specialized cryogenic storage containers called ‘dewars’ are used for transporting these T-cells

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