Why Healthcare and Life Science Companies Choose Mercury Over Competition

When it comes to efficient, reliable, and customer-focused shipping, Mercury stands out as the go-to choice over World Courier. With proactive customs vetting, dedicated customer teams, accurate upfront quotes, and a comprehensive range of logistics services, Mercury offers a seamless and cost-effective solution tailored to meet your specific shipping needs concerning any time- and temperature-sensitive shipment.

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  • Customs Clearance: Mercury proactively reviews customs paperwork to prevent customs delays. Consequently, the clearance process is usually swift and less stressful.
  • Client Collaboration: Mercury's clients ALWAYS collaborate with their specialized team for each shipment, eliminating the need to navigate automated 1-800 number menus.
  • Dry Ice Efficiency: Thanks to our thorough customs vetting process, ensuring quick release, most Mercury shipments typically require only one replenishment of dry ice when needed.
  • Personalized Support: We offer personalized recommendations and counseling through phone or face-to-face meetings.
  • Accurate Quotes: Quotes for shipments are provided before dispatch and are highly accurate, closely aligning with the final invoice.
  • Comprehensive Shipping Options: Mercury offers a comprehensive range of Time-Sensitive and Temperature-Controlled Shipping options, including Specialty Cold Chain, Expedited Services, Same-Day Delivery, and Next Flight Out (NFO) services, all conveniently available in one location.

World Courier

  • World Courier's failure to anticipate customs issues often leads to significant delays, causing clients considerable expenses and stress from repeated and costly dry ice replenishments
  • World Courier's practice of frequently assigning different points of contact often hinders client continuity, ultimately leading to communication challenges and significant drawbacks in efficiency.
  • When using World Courier services, the process of replenishing dry ice typically takes considerably longer due to additional paperwork requirements that arise during customs clearance.
  • World Courier's inability to match the high level of personalized guidance and support provided by Mercury has a significant impact on clients' overall success.
  • Unlike Mercury's clients, those who rely on World Courier frequently find themselves incurring invoice costs that exceed their initial estimates.
  • World Courier offers only a limited set of services, often necessitating clients to engage additional vendors alongside World Courier for a comprehensive solution, resulting in increased complexity and potentially higher costs.

Why Healthcare and Life Science Companies Choose Mercury over World Courier

We are Committed to Making Shipping as Simple and Stress-Free as Possible For You

Introducing Mercury Portal

Mercury PortalHassle-free shipping experience with Mercury Portal offers you simplicity, reliability, and efficiency. 

  • Schedule express, same day, next flight out, cold chain, and freight shipments.

  • Stay on top of every shipment with tracking and updates.

  • Manage sites, addresses, shipment identifiers, and commodities.

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