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Accelerating Biotech Startups: How MBC Biolabs is Fast-Tracking California's Pipeline Development

August 31, 2023
MBC BioLabs Headquarters

Fostering Life Sciences Innovation

Written By: Daniella Gomes

Innovation is the cornerstone of progress in the dynamic world of life sciences. Startups in this field face unique challenges that can make or break their journey toward success. We had the privilege to interview one of our partners, MBC Biolabs, a pioneering organization that has nurtured and propelled life sciences startups to new heights. This interview discusses MBC Biolabs' mission, notable achievements, and Mercury's role in supporting their endeavors.

Can you share the niche of the life sciences companies you support and how many you currently support?

We currently have a total of 108 companies across four sites. Most of our companies work in therapeutics discovery and development across therapeutic modalities (small molecule, biologic, cell and gene therapy), or in diagnostics or medical devices. We have a few companies working in agricultural technology or climate technology and are excited to welcome more companies from those sectors to our community as we grow.

What's the biggest challenge MBC Biolabs helps these companies solve?

We aim to eliminate the stress and complexity of launching a startup and growing an idea by bringing innovators together in a vibrant, unified ecosystem. At MBC BioLabs, we take care of running a lab-based company's maintenance, upkeep, and logistics so our companies can obsess over the science and nothing else. Our greatest value-add is flexibility; companies pay for only what they need and can easily scale up or scale down as their business needs change.

What major accomplishments is MBC Biolabs most proud of?

Since opening in 2013, MBC BioLabs has helped launch and grow 290 companies. These companies have brought 153 programs to the clinic, produced 17 approved diagnostics, and raised over $14 billion.

How do you see Mercury supporting your mission?

Harnessing Mercury's expertise in both domestic and international shipping will help us stay true to our mission – which is enabling our startups to be focused, fast, frugal (and fun)!

A Dynamic Partnership Driving Life-Saving Breakthroughs

Organizations such as MBC Biolabs are fundamental to advancing life-saving discoveries, drugs, and treatments, including research to treat rare diseases. More than 10,000 rare diseases have been discovered so far, and pursuing innovative solutions to these challenges relies on biotech companies' relentless dedication and often the support of organizations such as MBC Biolabs to advance their pipeline.

A seamless and efficient supply chain is critical for groundbreaking medical breakthroughs. Mercury's domestic and international shipping expertise can alleviate biotech startups' logistical challenges, empowering them to focus on research and development. Collaboration between MBC Biolabs and Mercury drives forward life-saving discoveries.

Learn more about how Mercury helps biotech incubators and its tenants with customized logistics services throughout the U.S.

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