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Customer Service Best Practices for Shipping Companies

August 14, 2023
Best Customer Service Practices for Shipping Companies

Five Steps in Building Strong Customer Relationships

Written By: Debbie Jung

What was your first job? What skills were innate, and which did you have to learn? Each skill develops over time and one of the most developed skills for young professionals is customer service. Being able to effectively listen to people, whether that may be clients or coworkers, and provide solutions with comfort is a skill that is practiced almost daily. No matter what industry you’re in, customer service is always present.  

Customer Service in Logistics

Those in logistics and shipping are timely folks, knowing how to prioritize tasks and knowing how and when to submit documentations or paperwork for a shipment. Shipping companies need to embrace customer service as one of their core values as customer satisfaction should be prioritized above all. Sure, a package can be successfully delivered every single time a client ships but what makes them stay? The way clients feel after handling a task is what stays. How easy it was to ship; how simple it was to get in contact with a representative and how fast their problem was taken care of.   

5 Steps To Building Stronger Customer Relationships 

1. Clear and Timely Communication

There is a reason why everyone recalls the saying “communication is key.” There are so many sayings and phrases that have to do with communication. It is because communication is the true foundation of all business—especially customer service. Logistic companies should always provide proactive and clear communication throughout the entire shipping process. When shipping sensitive materials, communicating to clients of every stage is critical. The more conversation the better. Provide tracking updates, tracking information, and address any problems or questions promptly. With clear and effective communication, long-lasting trust is built between the client company and shipping company.  

2. Customized Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all and as customer service representatives this is essential. Each client is unique and has specific expectations and requirements. Always take the time to listen to your client’s needs and frustrations to learn more about their business, preferences, and pain points. Offering customized solutions to the client will make them feel special—because they are. The personalized approach can meet the clients’ needs and shipping companies can showcase their dedication for their client’s satisfaction.  

3. Empathy

There will be hurdles to climb with your clients such as questions, issues or anomalies that are simply out of our control. When this occurs, it’s crucial for logistic companies to respond quickly with empathy. Understanding the client’s specific pain points and empathizing with the situation will leave a mark with the client. Customer service knows how to handle specific inquiries, providing expert guidance and solutions that address client’s needs. Being attentive with empathy will always be appreciated, especially in the time- and temperature-sensitive shipping industry.  

Customer Service for Shipping Companies

4. Problem-Solving

Being able to provide solutions to your clients is key in customer service. You want to be able to have all the skills above with providing resolutions. For shipping, anticipating these problems and proactively taking measures to resolve them is an essential practice. This approach has been successful with companies with high customer satisfaction. The problem might not be resolved right away, but piecing some of it together offers ease and will allow higher customer satisfaction. 

5. Relentless Improvement

Customer service is an ongoing process of improvement. Always and continuously asking for feedback to gain insights on clients’ experiences will offer higher quality service. Taking steps to relentlessly improve by addressing client’s concerns will enhance the quality of service.  


By following the 5 steps above for maintaining high customer service, shipping and logistic companies can differentiate themselves in a competitive market, build lasting relationships with clients, and ultimately drive business growth. At Mercury, we prioritize these practices to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service and support throughout their shipping journey. We know how important our clients are and how important our work is to them. By ensuring effective communication, Mercury focuses on building long-lasting partnerships with clients.

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