Same Day Courier Services

Whether delivering dry ice or transporting critical diagnostic kits, Mercury offers a wide range of same-day pickup and delivery services. Our couriers handle everything from legal documents to highly sensitive materials, maintaining a chain of custody throughout. If you need a next flight out (NFO) courier, a same day delivery service or our specialty courier service, Mercury's expert team is available to help.

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How It Works

Mercury offers a unique, comprehensive solution including same day courier service for shipments that may not fit into the Express Package or Freight options. As their single point of contact for all your shipping needs, our clients rely on us to give them advice and guidance, comparing all options.

Our solutions include handling dangerous goods, shipments that will fly on a passenger airline, and simply moving legal documents across town anywhere in the US. Most often these shipments go directly from pickup to delivery site without stops in between, due to their time sensitivity. Some clients have shipments that are not as time-sensitive and they look to Mercury to provide a more cost-competitive rate.

Our offices are located in Boston, Chicago and New York City.

Our Shipping Solutions Include:

  • IATA trained couriers for dangerous goods such as dry ice

  • Next Flight Out (NFO). TSA certified to tender shipments directly to a passenger airline

  • Couriers trained for Category B, biological samples

  • Regularly scheduled same day pickups and deliveries, sometimes Monday-Friday or several days during the week

  • Specific instructions, such as waiting for a document to be signed or going to a specific floor or department of a hospital

  • Vans and various sized trucks to accommodate large or odd-sized pieces, often from a contract manufacturer to our warehouse

  • Multiple-stops, round trip or planned routes customized to fit your needs

When overnight isn’t fast enough, our clients look to Mercury for guidance. Some requests are for local moves across town, others need a courier to drive further distances or in some cases when a flight is the only option, Mercury offers a next-flight out (NFO) service for same-day delivery. Our team provides guidance helping clients understand their options to make the best decision. Often with larger shipments that incur carrier surcharges while shipped through our Express Package services, same-day couriers can be cost-effective with delivery times that are faster.

With any shipment through Mercury our team monitors, tracks and troubleshoots any issues, watching over your shipment until final delivery. Mercury offers GPS trackers for clients who want to watch exactly where their shipment is at all times. Many Healthcare & Life Sciences companies use our validated shippers to ensure their shipments remain within a specific temperature range.

At any time, our clients can get in touch with our experienced team to go over any of these topics.

We obsess over our client experience, becoming a part of your shipping team. Clients find they can focus on the higher priority aspects of their business as Mercury takes on their shipping functions including paperwork and documentation, booking a shipment, tracking and troubleshooting, quoting multiple options, and providing clear data through invoices and reports to measure and understand your shipping expenses. Mercury works around your processes; clients can email, call, use our online portal or even become integrated through our API.

Mercury has built and constantly reviews our network. Our team optimizes our carrier network using data analytics such as on-time deliveries and expert logistics knowledge to offer an unparalleled network with the best options. With Mercury, you get a single point of contact that understands and specializes in all of your shipping needs.

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Since 1984, Mercury has been on a mission to support innovation by simplifying shipping. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

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Supporting Innovation by Simplifying Shipping Since 1984

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Our Expertise

  • Known Shipper
  • API Integration
  • Forecasting Shipping Costs
  • IATA trained
  • Clinical Supply Chain
  • Car, van, truck couriers
  • TSA certified
  • Dry ice delivery
  • Cross town shipments
  • Cat B Biological Samples
  • Outsourced courier
  • Next Flight Out (NFO)
  • Hospital pickup and delivery
  • Chain of custody
  • Original legal documents
  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Trials
  • Wet signature documents
  • How expensive is a same day courier
  • Same day rush
  • Warehousing
  • Diagnostic Test Kits Samples
  • Delivery signature
  • Priority same day
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Home pickup and delivery
  • Courier anywhere in the US
  • Setting up same day routes
  • When to use a same day courier