What is the Fastest Shipping Method?

If you have a package that needs to be picked up and delivered right away, then same-day shipping is the fastest shipping method. For a package that needs to be moved within driving distance, a same-day courier will come and pick up the package from your location and directly drive it to the recipient for delivery. 

For packages that need to move further than driving distance, use our Next Flight Out (NFO) service where packages are driven by a courier to the nearest airport, checked and flown on the next passenger flight along with the luggage, and then picked up by a courier to deliver.

What is Same-Day Shipping?

Same day shipping is when a package is picked up and delivered that same day. This is the fastest shipping method, used for medical implants, priceless samples, critical legal documents and other situations where your business cannot wait for an overnight delivery.

Same Day Courier

Same day couriers are driving couriers who pick up shipments to drive them to their destination. Most often couriers drive across town literally picking up and delivering within hours of the shipment being requested. However, same day couriers can also be used for longer drives when you need the reliability and speed that a dedicated driver can offer.

Next Flight Out (NFO) Shipping

When you need a package delivered as soon as possible, but the distance is too far to drive, NFO shipping is your best option. NFO shipments are complex and working with a dedicated team like Mercury ensures your shipment will be proactively tracked while in transit.

To learn more about Mercury's next flight out shipping options, contact our team and we'll be in touch within minutes.

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