Freight vs. Express Small Package. What's right for my shipment?

The specifics of your package will determine the right shipping method for you. Regardless of type, Mercury is here to facilitate your next steps.

To most companies, the idea of shipping involves the movement of individual, box-sized packages around the country or world, but to others, shipping involves large scale, palletized products in substantial quantities. In its simplest form, this is the difference between freight and small package shipping.  

Though these may seem like similar services, the levels of service, timeline, mode of transportation, and price structures can vary significantly between parcel and freight shipping.

What is Express Small Package shipping?

If you're sending a sample, prototype, device, document, or anything else that can fit in standard packaging, you're probably shipping via Express Small Package. In this method, Mercury will coordinate with a network of parcel couriers to secure optimal pricing and speedy delivery.

In general, any package that weighs less than 150 pounds can be moved by Express shipping, but most shipments are substantially lighter, with additional fees for heavier items. In addition to weight, Express shipping has restrictions on the size of an object which vary by carrier, but are generally around 108" by 165". 

What is Freight shipping?

Freight shipping involves larger shipments and often fits a "cargo" description instead of simply a package. Freight can be shipped via tuck, plane, ship, or train and can be segmented further by less than truckload shipments (LTL), partial truckload, and full truckload volumes.

Depending on destination and substance, freight shipments may also require additional services such as dry ice replenishment or customs brokerage. Mercury is well suited to handle theses or other nuances that come up through the process. 

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