3D Printer Shipping Services

Our 3D Printer Shipping Services Include Packaging, Warehousing and Personalized Guidance for Shipping Hazardous Materials

3D printers come in a variety of sizes, some of which can be shipped through express carriers while others require freight services. Whether you’re shipping an urgent overnight crate or have several days to move your 3D printer across the country, Mercury will find a solution for each of your individual shipments. 

Resin, which is often used in conjunction with 3D printers, is typically shipped through our express package service. Mercury handles the tracking and troubleshooting of these shipments, which are often classified as hazardous materials and require a significant amount of paperwork.

3d printer shipping
Mercury offers customized solutions around making shipping labels, scheduling pickups, providing tracking visibility and the flow of information to fit your business. You'll receive tracking updates and one invoice which sorts all your shipping charges.

Packaging & Crating

During the shipping process for a 3D printer, it is crucial to take into account how the device will be handled and moved as it may be transferred between planes, vehicles, and terminals. Proper packaging is a key factor that must be considered. Our team can provide guidance and information on the required packaging materials, shipping insurance, and labeling requirements to ensure the safe handling and transportation of your 3D printer.

International Shipping & Customs

Mercury offers knowledge and guidance to our clients from understanding international documentation, ATA carnets, required customs paperwork, to HTS numbers, and incoterms.

3D Printer Shipping Services

Expert Knowledge and Guidance

Proactively Tracking & Troubleshooting Exceptions

Flexible Pickups

Customized Invoices and Reports

Real Person, Not a 1-800 Number

Simplifying Shipping Since 1984

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