Packing & Crating

As your shipping partner, Mercury serves as a resource for your packaging and crating needs. From a simple cardboard box to a customized crate for a medical device, Mercury’s team is your single point of contact for multiple shipping and packaging options.

Knowing which packaging to use is critical to a successful delivery. Our team is here to provide guidance and knowledge on the type of packaging, insurance, and labeling requirements so that we can take into account both the right container and the right shipping solution.

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What We Offer

  • Express Carrier packaging at no cost, brought directly to your office

  • Laptop boxes and equipment return

  • Validated thermal shippers

  • Preconditioned pallet thermal shippers

  • Customized crates

  • For Express Package in styrofoam thermal shippers, Mercury provides outer packaging

  • GPS trackers

  • Temperature monitoring devices

  • Dry ice (UN 1845), UN3373 and hazmat labels and stickers

  • Mercury can pickup and transport uncrated, sensitive materials

  • For multiple boxes moving together as a freight shipment, Mercury will pick up the boxes, palletize and shrink wrap


Mercury is your single point of contact for packaging and crating needs in the US and overseas. Here are some examples of what we do for clients:

  • Many of our clients are working remotely and send laptops to new employees. Mercury’s team coordinates the pickup of the laptops, using laptop boxes for security, and then final shipping to the end-user. We also put together return labels and manage pickups of boxes from a home or office back to your location.

  • Custom crates are often used by our robotics and medical device clients. The instruments and devices require customized crating, allowing them to ship domestically and overseas with the confidence that their shipments are secure as they move.

  • Mercury stocks several sizes of validated thermal shippers. We make this typically complicated process simple through our advice and guidance narrowing down, through our experience, to the shippers you are most likely to use.

  • Mercury stocks several sizes of validated thermal shippers. We make this typically complicated process simple through our advice and guidance narrowing down, through our experience, to the shippers you are most likely to use.

  • For clients shipping priceless and irreplaceable materials, we can arrive at your location with a validated thermal box, dry ice, GPS tracker, and a temperature monitor through our Specialty Cold Chain service. Our team will be monitoring the GPS location at all times and you’ll receive a link to do so yourself. Some of our hardware and medical device clients find the GPS trackers useful to receive a higher level of visibility to watch their shipments as they move.

  • Tradeshows are planned, sometimes, years in advance and are very expensive. If a booth is not delivered prior to the show acceptance, all of that time and money spent is lost. Very large booths are shipped, sometimes along with an actual instrument or device. These oversized, larger pieces need to go through a Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) carrier or through Air Freight. Choosing the best shipping option can be challenging and is an area where our team excels. That’s why clients rely on Mercury for their trade show shipments, we understand what is required and carefully review the details including in the Tradeshow Material Handling Agreement.

  • Many of our clients have delicate, time-sensitive shipments that require delivery to a specific floor within a hospital or university. Often they ask us to deliver to a specific floor that only has stair access. With limited access, hospitals sometimes don't have the space to store package crates during a multi-week demo, so we arrange nearby storage. At the delivery suite, we uncrate the instrument and handle storing of the crate in a nearby warehouse or dispose of the crate.

Supporting Innovation by Simplifying Shipping Since 1984

Our Proven Process

Our Expertise

  • Customized crate
  • Laptop boxes
  • GPS trackers
  • Crate removal
  • How to crate a device
  • Conditioned thermal shippers
  • Large, black hard-shell cases
  • Dry ice, UN3373 and Hazmat labels and stickers
  • Temperature monitoring devices
  • Free express carrier packing
  • Original packaging for insurance
  • Customized medical instrument packaging
  • Shipping laptops
  • High value devices
  • Tradeshow booth
  • Validated thermal shippers
  • Preventing damage to critical shipment
  • Inside delivery
  • Proper labeling for international crates
  • Moving expensive, uncrated equipment
  • Dry ice packaging

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Since 1984, Mercury has been on a mission to support innovation by simplifying shipping. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

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