Next Flight Out (NFO) Courier Services

When overnight express isn’t fast enough and the distance is too far, our Next Flight Out service can get your shipment to the final destination same day.  

Time-Critical Shipments

When you need a package delivered as soon as possible, but the travel distance is too far to drive, NFO shipping might be your best option.  NFO ensures the fastest possible dispatch and delivery of your shipment to its final destination. With NFO, your package is given priority and will be dispatched on the next available flight.

How NFO Shipping Works

1. The designated courier will come and pick up your package.

2. The courier will tender the shipment to the passenger airline with the next flight out to the destination.

3. The shipment will fly on a passenger flight along with other checked baggage.

4. A courier will pick up the shipment from the airport and deliver directly to its destination using any special instructions you want, such as calling the recipient once it’s on the delivery truck.

Our Services

NFO shipments can be complex and working with a dedicated team like Mercury ensures your shipment will be proactively tracked while in transit to its destination. Our logistics team manages each portion of the shipment from the package pickup to the airline booking, to the delivery for you.

Mercury also offers GPS trackers to provide real-time location of your critical shipments.

Mercury is a TSA Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) approved logistics company. We are compliant with all TSA guidelines.

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When overnight express isn’t fast enough, our team of logistics experts at Mercury can help you. Contact us today and we'll be in touch shortly.

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