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Why 1-800 Numbers Aren't Efficient for All Types of Shipping

May 22, 2023
Why 1-800 Numbers Aren't Efficient for All Types of Shipping

Same-Day Shipping in Health and Life Sciences

Written By: Debbie Jung

Last-minute logistics are of utmost importance in the life sciences and healthcare field. Scientists often face last-minute changes to biological sample shipping, such as adjusting quantities or adding new samples to the package. This emphasizes the need for a dependable and flexible logistics company that can accommodate these requests. 

Same-Day Shipping with a Trusted Partner  

In many cases, even overnight delivery is not fast enough, and there is a need for same-day shipping and delivery for time-sensitive packages. Same-day shipping is crucial for companies dealing with urgent items such as medical devices, supplies, biological samples, or essential documents. Unlike standard courier services, same-day shipments are collected by specially arranged couriers, like medical lab couriers, on the day of pickup and delivered within a few hours or before the end of the day.

Shipping time-sensitive materials requires seamless coordination among various stakeholders. Exceptional communication and coordination between the sender, receiver, multiple couriers, and other logistics partners are essential for successful same-day delivery. This level of organization and communication demands expertise, and partnering with a reputable logistics provider can save valuable time.

When shipping critical materials, it is advisable to collaborate with a logistics partner trusted by healthcare and life science companies. Such partners can provide valuable assistance, particularly when it comes to handling temperature-sensitive materials. Mercury understands the significance of these packages and maintains protocols with trained staff for the transportation of dry ice and cold packs.

Next-Flight Out Services

When you need to rush ship a package across the country and require it to arrive within a few hours, consider utilizing Next-Flight Out (NFO) services. This option involves placing your parcel on the next available passenger airline flight, which is typically faster than relying solely on same-day courier services.

NFO services can be dispatched by experts globally. However, it's crucial to be aware of the additional paperwork and regulations associated with international and domestic flights. At Mercury, we can handle the necessary documentation on your behalf, relieving you of the stress of dealing with customs requirements and ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

1-800 Number

24/7 Attention and Our Proactive Approach

While anticipating last-minute shipping needs and planning for them is ideal, unforeseen circumstances and problems may still arise. Those in the health and life science industries are deeply committed to ensuring their packages arrive in the same condition as when they left their hands. For peace of mind, it is essential to make it a requirement for your logistics partners to be available 24/7. This way, they can serve as your vigilant eyes, diligently tracking and troubleshooting your package.

Having a round-the-clock service allows for a proactive approach, reducing the likelihood of potential delays in emergency shipping situations. Mercury offers 24/7 same-day shipping services, whether by van or plane. We ensure that our packages are delivered on the same day, regardless of the time of the request.

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