Finance & Document Shipping

As a financial firm, you’re consistently trying to meet deadlines. You need a shipping company that’s going to be as responsive as you are. Whether shipping critical original documents here in the U.S. or overseas, laptop boxes to employees, or your IT team is shipping servers or other Network Hardware our team is here to meet your demands.

Secure Shipments


Since your shipments are sensitive and need a level of privacy, we are diligent about security and confidentiality. Our software allows for private addresses which your other employees can’t access.


Flexible Pickup Schedules (also after 5pm)


We understand that you often work late so our flexible pickups will meet your tight deadlines across all of your offices. Our sorted and grouped invoices also help your accounting department by providing an efficient way to measure your shipping costs by office, department, or project. Often when dealing directly with the express carriers, setting up new accounts time is consuming and difficult.


No Fees or Contracts


Mercury has no service fees and no minimums.

Solutions for Financial Firms

Express Package

Same Day Courier

Domestic Freight

Your firm is made up of investment professionals with years of experience. Who on your team should be spending their time tracking packages, scheduling pickups, on the phone with a 1-800 number, insuring and shipping servers and other network hardware, dealing with international paperwork and organizing invoices to allocate expenses?


Let us help you.

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Express Package

Mercury specializes in overnight shipping through all major carriers, proactively tracking and troubleshooting exceptions on our client's behalf. We ship domestically and internationally and assist with customs paperwork and questions.

When collaborating with a different team and you need to ship something for review which needs to be returned to your office, our team prepares the return label and an instruction sheet on how to return the package, create a pickup and you or your clients or investors call us with any questions.

Mercury has no service fees and no minimums, often working with early-stage companies from their first shipment.

Same Day Courier

When overnight isn’t fast enough, our clients look to Mercury for guidance. Most requests are for local moves across town that need to be delivered within hours. Others need a courier to drive further distances or in some cases when a flight is the only option, Mercury offers a next flight out (NFO) service for same-day delivery. Our team provides guidance helping clients understand their options to make the best decision.

Domestic Freight

Financial firms often ship Network Hardware, consisting of multiple servers and components that must arrive together. Whether you’re shipping an urgent overnight crate or have several days to move your components across the country, Mercury will find a solution for each of your individual shipments. Visibility into the shipment and reliability are critical, so Mercury’s team monitors and tracks to ensure we deliver on time to the loading dock, inside a data center or even the 36th floor of a building downtown taken off the pallet jack and placed inside a server room with the packaging removed. During the Discovery and Exploration phases of our Proven Process, we ask questions to learn your specific requirements. This allows us to orchestrate your shipments as an extension of your team. We focus on your shipping so you can focus on your business.

Additional Services

  • We specialize in niche shipping for Healthcare & Life Sciences and Technology companies and provide guidance and advice to help them scale.

  • Shipping gifts internationally can be complicated as you determine who should pay Duties and Taxes and what amount to include on the Commercial Invoice our expert team will help you make these decisions. For domestic gifts creating many shipping labels can be time consuming and we can make it easy for you.

Supporting Innovation by Simplifying Shipping Since 1984

Our Proven Process

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Since 1984, Mercury has been on a mission to support innovation by simplifying shipping. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

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