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Global Logistics - Power of Building an International Team in the United States

September 25, 2023
Global Logistics - Power of Building an International Team in the United States

Driving Innovation in Logistics: Harnessing the Global Power of Diverse Teams and Partnerships

Written By: Debbie Jung

To achieve success in this age’s economy, dispersing your employees geographically throughout the world seems to be a common thread. Companies build their teams that offer the best expertise and talents from around the world. This contributes to companies’ efforts of diversity and inclusion, global expansion with partnerships, and finding the top talent in the world.  

Diversity and Inclusion

Establishing an inclusive and diverse company culture is crucial in today's world. Companies benefit from having a global team, as individuals from different cultures bring new perspectives, skills, and strategies to the table. This diversity profoundly influences businesses, leading to the discovery of creative solutions that may have otherwise remained unexplored.

It's of utmost importance to understand cultural differences when building an international team. Expectations must be communicated, and various checkpoints should be established to foster a unified team. Otherwise, internal problems may arise that will adversely affect both clients' and employees' experiences. Just like any other team, recognizing the strengths of individual team members and collaborating effectively with them is essential for maintaining a sustainable talent pipeline.

Diversity & Inclusion at Mercury

Top Talent in the World

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many have shifted from on-site work to remote work from home. While this transition initially presented challenges, the potential for finding talent online has soared. Collaborating with colleagues residing in different parts of the world has become an extraordinary phenomenon—a concept that was scarcely imaginable in the past.

Building a team of top talent worldwide requires selecting the perfect leader to facilitate this process. Exceptional talents naturally gravitate towards exceptional leaders. It is imperative to choose a leader who embodies your company's values and possesses the exact leadership qualities that your international team needs.  

Here at Mercury, we are proud to have talented individuals from Turkey working with us. Our Turkey team leader strives to reach our goals daily with client obsession, relentless improvement, and world-class teamwork. Esin Deniz Ayan, the Managing Director of our Turkey Office, shares:   

“Diversity at Mercury is quite important for me. Knowing and understanding different cultures is amazing. As a part of the product team our main goal seems simple: creating software. We realize that our work actually simplifies the lives of healthcare researchers or assists in successfully delivering infant incubators to war zones. This makes you feel like you're “something". I cherish this feeling.”  

Regardless of distance, our team in Turkey remains united with our US team by a shared goal: making our clients' lives easier. Through collaborative and global teamwork, we expand our partnerships and continue to strive for excellence. 

Global Expansion with Partnerships

Partnering globally can expand your business and its capabilities. This allows businesses to comprehend future clientele. Global partnerships within the logistics industry provide more visibility to international shipments to ensure timely delivery, minimize costs, and reduce transit times.  

At Mercury, we partner internationally to ensure our clients’ products are delivered at the right time. Especially with temperature-sensitive packages, time is the most critical factor. Partnering globally to ensure dry ice is replenished and temperature-range is maintained, will ensure happy clients and successful deliveries of packages.  

Terri Schuette, our newest Partnerships Associate, brings with her 20 years of experience in logistics. According to Terri, “Global Partnerships create access to evolving processes, diverse ideas and assist with sustainable products and packaging alternatives.”  

Team Building

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Logistics companies like Mercury thrive in the modern economy by embracing the power of building an international team and forming global partnerships. This approach enables us to provide our clients with exceptional service, foster innovation, and contribute to a more collaborative future. 

The foundation of an international presence creates a greater scope for growth, benefiting the business, its employees, and its clients alike. Leveraging top talent from around the world, facilitated by strong leadership, enables businesses to thrive in the modern economy. Additionally, forming global partnerships expands capabilities, enhances visibility, and ensures optimal client delivery. This approach not only benefits the logistics industry but also contributes to a more collaborative and sustainable future. As companies like Mercury continue to build international teams and foster strategic partnerships, we unlock the potential for growth, success, and a truly global impact.

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