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How Pizza-Making Cultivated Our Positive Corporate Culture

June 15, 2023
How Pizza-Making Cultivated Our Positive Corporate Culture

Teamwork Building and Baking Pizzas

This June, our team at Mercury had an opportunity to participate in a team-building activity at a local pizzeria in Boston, where we learned the art of making pizza! 

Written By: Debbie Jung

Our pizza-building activity perfectly aligned with one of our corporate values, "World-class Teamwork." We turn our focus to employee engagement and workplace collaboration. Not only will fostering a positive corporate culture increase productivity amongst your employees, but it's also an investment in the long-term success of your organization.  

Invitation to All, Mandatory for None 

It's highly recommended not to make your out-of-office activity mandatory. Forcing your employees to go on an outing is worse than having one at all. Work-life balance is important above all, and allowing your employees to have the freedom to attend or not will build employee satisfaction and empowerment.  

Creating Memorable Experiences 

Your employees may not remember the day-to-day tasks they had to complete, but they will remember the culture and community cultivated. Research has shown that employees are ten times more likely to leave a company due to a toxic corporate culture than compensation. *  

Hands On Pizza MakingCoworkers come together to knead, top, and bake their way to pizza perfection.

Allowing your team to reminisce about the same activity builds a special bond. They can recall the challenges they faced, the victories achieved, and the laughter they shared. This experience ultimately allowed our Mercury employees to break down barriers and encourage open communication. 

Invest in Your Employees

Breaking the monotony of daily tasks and reclaiming the employees' energy is an investment. Don't be afraid to splurge a little for your employees! They come in day in and day out to work towards the company's mission. Showing appreciation and investing in your employees means creating fun team-building exercises and activities, allowing them to relax, bond, and have a great time together!  

Pizza makingThe team members debate their favorite pizza toppings.

Fostering a sense of togetherness strengthens your employees' ability to work well together. The collaborative environment outside of the office significantly enhances cooperation among your employees within the workplace.  

Why Pizza?

Who doesn't love pizza? One of our senior squad leaders, Stefanie, organized this activity for her team, and the enthusiasm spread throughout the entire Mercury team. The universal appeal of pizza offered an excellent opportunity for our team members to create a collaborative and learning environment and finally enjoy a delicious meal together. It brought our company together from diverse backgrounds and preferences, which promoted inclusion within the team.  

Stefanie, one of our squad leaders organized this team meetingStefanie, one our senior squad leaders, organized this activity for her team.

Planning team-building activities, such as our pizza-making experience, is unique to cultivating a positive corporate culture. At Mercury, we create an environment where our team members feel valued, supported, and connected. When employees have teamwork, productivity increases, creativity soars, and the overall workplace environment is just more fun. This is where team-building activities play a vital role. So, don't hesitate to plan exciting and engaging team-building exercises and watch the positive impact it has on your organization's success as it had for Mercury. 

Remember, investing in your employees is investing in the future success of your company. 

Sources: MIT Sloan Management Review, Toxic Culture is Driving the Great Resignation

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