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Managing Delays for Your Shipments

May 17, 2023
Managing Shipment Delays

For Time- and Temperature-Sensitive Delivery, Predicting Possible Delays is Essential

Written By: Debbie Jung

Avoiding common delays in your urgent shipments is challenging but not impossible. Certain precautions can be taken to minimize these delays, but it is important to be aware of potential disruptions in order to proactively take preventive actions. Having an understanding of possible delays and disruptions can help implement preventive measures and navigate unexpected challenges more effectively. Here are some delays to consider. 

Customs Clearance Delays

To minimize customs delays, it is essential to handle customs paperwork before shipping your package. This is particularly crucial for air shipments. Proper customs documentation is vital, especially for time-sensitive or temperature-sensitive shipments. Ensuring all the necessary customs paperwork is in order can facilitate a smooth customs release, avoiding unnecessary hold-ups.

To save time, seek advice from a shipping expert who can ensure all documents, labels, and customs invoices are properly prepared. Even the slightest detail in the goods description can potentially cause delays. Having an experienced expert who specializes in handling and coordinating these documents will ensure thorough and accurate preparation.

Weather-Related Delays

Natural disasters happen, and it is essential to note that severe weather events are both unavoidable and unpredictable. However, placing trust in a reliable logistics partner who can provide consistent alerts and updates on weather-related delays can be of immense help. If your shipment becomes stuck due to weather-related issues, having a trusted shipping vendor who is promptly notified and can track and troubleshoot on your behalf will bring peace of mind. With this process in place, your shipping provider can also coordinate alternative shipping routes. Planning around predicted weather patterns and opting for expedited shipping and delivery can further assist in avoiding such delays. 

Managing Shipment Delays

Effective Communication with Your Logistics Provider

Honest and open communication with your logistics provider is crucial in order to minimize delays. Having the ability to speak with someone promptly when you call is key. It is best practice to plan, schedule, and clearly communicate your expectations to your preferred logistics provider. Opting for a shipping provider that undergoes continuous quality checks to consistently improve their services for their clients is beneficial. Their commitment to delivering exceptional service and constant improvement will contribute to a streamlined shipping experience and reduce the likelihood of future delays. 


You can proactively manage these delays for your time- and temperature-sensitive shipments by addressing these problems and implementing best practices. Proper communication, planning, and working with a trusted, experienced shipping vendor are fundamental to successfully delivering your valuable products. 

At Mercury, we understand the importance of managing delays efficiently and effectively. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified to measure preventative actions and quality control for our clients. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering the best quality of service, ultimately always planning to minimize disruptions for your valuable shipments.

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