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Time-Sensitive Shipping for Vital Deliveries

June 26, 2023
Time Sensitive Shipping for Vital Deliveries

In Healthcare and Life Sciences, Time is of the Essence

Written By: Debbie Jung

Time-sensitive delivery can be life-changing. Whether it's for a last-minute surgery, blood sample testing, or temperature-sensitive research material, these shipments need to arrive almost instantly. As much as everyone wishes these shipments could be made with the snap of a finger, they ultimately require meticulous attention to detail, special coordination, and world-class communication. This blog post will explore how Mercury has established proven processes for successfully delivering all time-sensitive shipments.

Next-Flight Out

Next Flight Out (NFO) is a service for time-critical shipping. This service involves a shipping company, such as Mercury, coordinating a flight specifically for your package. This means that your parcel will be transported on a passenger airline, emphasizing the utmost importance of timely delivery. Reputable shipping companies establish partnerships with domestic and international airlines to ensure multiple options are available when scheduling these shipments. 

Time-Sensitive Surgery Delivery

Mercury has worked closely with clients who have exclusive time-sensitive shipments. One notable client sends last-minute requests at any time of the day. These shipments consist of surgical implants that are manufactured on the same day and then shipped for next-day delivery. Ensuring smooth handling of these implant shipments requires excellent coordination among all parties involved. This includes the recipient in the hospital, the shipping company, the sender, the courier, and the intermediary.

Some shipments may contain multiple implants within a single box. These delicate implants are custom-made for each patient using 3D printers in the Medical Device field. Each implant model is meticulously printed to precisely match the unique body of the patient. These models undergo proper sterilization, careful packaging, and are then ready for shipping. In some cases, Mercury receives orders even before our clients have completed the printing and sterilization process for the implants.

Time-Critical Shipments for SurgeriesMercury's role involves coordinating with all stakeholders, securing suitable flights, and scheduling couriers to ensure precise delivery timing that aligns with the scheduled surgery down to the last minute. If our client informs us at 5 PM that they require a shipment to be delivered by 10 AM the following day for an 11 AM surgery, we work diligently and swiftly, despite the challenges involved.

Mercury can handle such time-critical shipments, even with minimal lead time, thereby enabling patients to undergo knee implant surgery with successful outcomes. There have been instances where our representative personally delivers these implants to the airport after work hours to ensure timely delivery.

World-Class Communication

Choosing a reputable shipping company that provides world-class communication is key for time-sensitive shipping. Whether it may be same-day delivery, overnight shipping, or anything of the like, you need a team behind your shipment for success. A team that is behind your urgent shipment tracking 24/7 is the best-case scenario. That way, you can rest knowing your shipment will arrive on time every time. 


Any reputable shipping company should offer a range of services for time-critical shipping. Whether expedited freight or express shipping, all shipping should be considered with the utmost importance. Mercury treats every package like its own as we realize these shipments are lifesaving. We always look for improvement in our services, catering specifically to our clients, to ensure overall success.

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