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Stefanie's 24-Year Career at Mercury

July 27, 2023
Stefanie Martinez's 24 Years at Mercury

Meet Our People - Stefanie Martinez

Written By: Daniella Gomes

Have you ever thought about working in a place for over 20 years and still feeling passionate and innovative daily? Well, for Stefanie Martinez, Mercury’s senior leader for Echo Squad, and responsible for supporting companies in the diagnostics industry, this has been a reality.

As the demand for diagnostic kits rises, the responsibility to deliver them promptly and securely falls on professionals like Stefanie. With 24 years of experience, Stefanie has excelled in her role and guided her squad to overcome and surpass expectations.

With a visionary approach and a profound impact on colleagues and clients, Stefanie's evolution alongside Mercury's growth showcases the transformative power of a growth mindset. Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the rewards of embracing a continuous improvement mindset.

What’s Your Current Role at Mercury?

I am the Senior Leader for the Echo Squad, specializing in diagnostic kits.

Can You Explain What a Squad Is?

Mercury is a veteran-owned business. In the US Army, a squad is a small unit of soldiers led by a squad leader. When the CEO, Josh Medow, a former infantry officer in the US Army, made it a mission to serve our clients with the utmost care and individualized attention, it made sense to call the clients' support teams squads. This gives us a high sense of responsibility and purpose. It ensures that every client receives the expertise and attention they deserve 24/7, with a team of experts assigned specifically to their niche in Life Sciences. My squad, Echo, supports clients in the diagnostics industry, also called In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD).

How Long Have You Been with Mercury?

I have been here for 24 years! I started as a data entry analyst after school and eventually transitioned into a full-time position in client services.

How Did Your Role Evolve Over Time?

As Mercury's focus shifted to handling complex and time-sensitive items, such as diagnostic kits, my role evolved accordingly. Throughout my journey, I learned the value of adaptability, the importance of continuous improvement, and the power of embracing change. 

What Do You Enjoy About Your Current Role?

I love working with our clients. It fulfills me to help and being part of their impactful work, such as finding cures and creating vaccines. I appreciate the opportunity to support our client's missions and make their shipping processes smoother, allowing them to focus on their core business. Logistics also empowers us to think outside the box. This is because our clients know they can come up with their challenges, and we will find an efficient, often creative way to help them.

Can You Share an Example of How Mercury Helped a Life Sciences Client That Made You Proud?

Yes, Mercury assisted a vaccine manufacturer during the most critical point of the COVID-19 pandemic. The client needed to ensure their scientists were COVID-free before returning to the laboratory to start COVID-19 vaccine research. Upon understanding the client's requirements, our team promptly formulated a strategy and organized the delivery of COVID-19 test kits to the employees' residences. We arranged sample collections and ensured secure transportation to the laboratory. This enabled the client to identify workers who could go to work on vaccine development, ensuring safety for all.

How Did Mercury Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges?

Despite the lockdowns, Mercury stayed open as an essential shipping company. We actively supported clients involved in COVID-19 research, vaccine development, and testing, ensuring critical supplies and diagnostic materials reach their intended destinations.

What Lessons Did You Learn Throughout Your Career?

I have found numerous challenges and growth opportunities. I have learned the importance of relentless improvement – one of the core values of Mercury. I believe in thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to our clients’ problems.

"Throughout my journey, I learned the value of adaptability, the importance of continuous improvement, and the power of embracing change."

How Do You See the Logistics Industry Evolving with New Technologies and Rapid Changes?

Mercury adapts to emerging technologies, and our experts actively research and embrace cutting-edge solutions. Sustainability is a key factor that is evolving fast. Interesting companies are creating creative solutions, for example, boxes made from mushrooms.

Can You Provide Advice to Those Starting Their Careers or Facing Workplace Challenges?

I encourage those starting a career or trying to figure out their passion to be open to exploring new solutions. Don’t rely only on existing tools and techniques, look for ways to enhance and optimize processes. This approach promotes personal growth and better problem-solving capabilities.

What Do You Do for Fun?

I love the outdoors, hiking, the beach, and working out when the weather is warm in Massachusetts. When it’s winter, I usually hibernate.

Stefanie Martinez's 24 years of experience showcase the power of passion, innovation, and constant improvement. We hope you feel inspired to embrace change and discover limitless opportunities in your career, and if you enjoyed the interview, leave us a comment!

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