Mercury Is a Verified Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE)

Mercury Business Services is a verified Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) and included in the official Massachusetts veteran-owned business list. Over 13% of our employees are Veterans, twice the rate of an average U.S. organization. 

Veteran Business Enterprise is an initiative that creates a nationally recognized gold standard in approval and certification for veteran-owned businesses of all sizes and encourages corporate America to effectively source and actively utilize businesses that are at least 51 percent owned, operated, and controlled by U.S military veterans.

Historically, veterans at different ages have proven to be exceptional entrepreneurs. In fact, a report by the U.S. Small Business Administration reveals that veterans are 45 percent more likely to start and run their own businesses when compared to their civilian counterparts. The veteran-owned brand and label applies to several small businesses virtually in every sector ranging from construction and mining to finance and healthcare.

Promoting Supplier Diversity

VBE EnterpriseVeteran-owned businesses like Mercury support the goal of the state of Massachusetts of increasing supplier diversity. A diversity supplier is a business that is at least 51 percent owned and operated by an individual or group that is a member of a traditionally underserved or underrepresented group.

Common classifications include small-business enterprises (SBEs), woman-owned enterprises (WBEs) and minority-owned enterprises (MBEs). Over time, the definition of supplier diversity has expanded to include businesses owned by other minority groups such as veterans, and business owners with disabilities.   

The Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office, an agency working with the Governor’s Office of Access, Opportunity, and Community Affairs, has set specific benchmarks for purchasing from MBE, WBE and VBE businesses across the states. Only those businesses certified or verified by the SDO or SDO-recognized third-party certification organization qualify for the program.

Careers at Mercury

Mercury is a rapidly expanding logistics company with offices in Boston, Chicago, and New York City. We seek self-motivated, innovative go-getters to lead, take ownership, and make an immediate difference. Join us and contribute to our solid foundation as we grow.

Human Interest, People Culture

The Strengths and Transferable Skills of Veterans for Civilian Roles and Leadership

September 7, 2023

Mercury proudly welcomes veterans, recognizing their remarkable contributions and harnessing their valuable transferable skills to excel in today's workplace. Explore how their unwavering dedication to excellence enriches our organization.

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