Client Commitment

We are Committed to Making Shipping as Simple and Stress-Free as Possible For You

We are obsessed with providing the best possible service and go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Our team works together seamlessly to ensure that every shipment is handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our processes and make shipping even more seamless for you. This includes offering the best possible shipping rates with no added fees or contracts. 

We work with businesses of all sizes, including small startups and individual entrepreneurs.

We also offer guidance on more complex logistical issues you might be facing. By working closely with you and utilizing our internal expertise and resources, we can overcome any challenge and provide you with a seamless shipping experience.

"We are committed to a culture of client obsession." 

- Josh Medow

At Mercury, we strive to exceed your expectations every time. We are confident that our combination of client obsession, teamwork, and relentless improvement allows us to offer you the best shipping experience possible. 

Thank you for choosing to work with us!

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Stefanie's 24-Year Career at Mercury

July 27, 2023

We interview Stefanie Martinez about her 24-year tenure at Mercury. As the senior leader of Echo Squad, specializing in diagnostic kits, Stefanie has led her team to provide timely and secure solutions in the diagnostics sector.

We Track Every Shipment and Troubleshoot Any Issue So You Don’t Have To

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