Adopt Best Practices when Shipping with Hazardous Materials

We have put together a few recommendations on how to ensure your employees grasp the process of shipping dangerous goods.

1. Employee Training and Awareness - Education is important so train all your employees involved with shipping. This training should cover many topics such as identification, handling, and documentation of dangerous goods. Conduct refresher training and update/review all existing training material on a regular basis. 

2. Accurate Documentation - Ensure that all relevant shipping documents, such as the Shipper's Declaration of Dangerous Goods, are completed correctly and include detailed information about the nature of the goods, their hazards, and necessary safety precautions. Always double-check the declarations to prevent human errors. 

3. Packaging and Labeling – Use only approved packaging materials specifically designed for the transportation of dangerous goods as these will minimize the risk of leaks, spills, or damage during transit.

Best Practices on Shipping Hazardous Materials

4. Adequate Handling and Storage - Establish clear protocols for the handling, storage, and segregation of dangerous goods. Train your employees in proper storage practices. Ensure that hazardous materials are stored separately to prevent accidental mixing or reactions that could lead to hazardous situations. 

5. Conduct routine inspections and audits to verify compliance with shipping regulations and internal safety protocols. Regularly review and assess your internal processes, procedures, and documentation to identify any potential gaps or areas for improvement. 

Micro Case Study:

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Safeguarding Temperature-Sensitive Biohazard Material for Uninterrupted Research

Shipping biohazardous materials

Our team successfully facilitated the secure importation of biohazardous materials from Canada to the US, which was vital for a client's research as no duplicate samples were available. Our team of experts ensured precise classification, clearance documentation, and careful packaging, guaranteeing timely and safe delivery. Our support was crucial in ensuring uninterrupted research, which is essential for scientific progress.

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