Shipping for Professional Services Firms

Mercury Assist with High-Value Shipments, Same-Day Deliveries, Express and International Shipping. We'll Act on Your Behalf and Handle Any Last-Minute Requests.

At Mercury, we help professional services companies save time by handling their shipping needs. Our professional services clients often need urgent, same-day deliveries or late-night pickups to meet their busy schedules. Additionally, accounting teams at professional firms can use our services to streamline the process of handling carrier invoices and allocating shipping charges to various cost centers. No matter what you need to send, whether it's marketing materials for conferences, large items for trade shows, legal documents or everyday materials between offices, Mercury has a shipping solution for you. 

Mercury specializes in overnight shipping through all major carriers, proactively tracking and troubleshooting exceptions on our clients' behalf. We ship domestically and internationally and assist with customs paperwork and questions. After 30+ years of continuous improvement and obsessing over our client experience, Mercury’s Proven Process is designed to help prevent common mistakes, and avoid shipping delays and other pitfalls.

Professional Services

Law Firms

Mercury provides courier and express services for legal documents. We offer flexible pickup schedules, also after 5PM.

Financial Institutions

Mercury is here to meet your demands for shipping critical original financial documents, laptop boxes to employees, or network hardware for your IT team.

Marketing Agencies

Mercury helps marketing agencies to ship promotional materials, trade show graphics, and booth equipment.

Electronics & IT Equipment

We provide shipping, packaging, and crating solutions for servers, routers, laptop, desktops, printers and other IT equipment.

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 Since 1984, Mercury has been on a mission to support innovation by simplifying shipping for professional services firms.

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