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Behind the Scenes: A Day with Tim in the Life of a Mercury Logistics Guide

May 14, 2024
Tim Rous

Meet Our People - Tim Rous

Meet Tim Rous, our dedicated Logistics Guide here at Mercury! Over 3 years in Mercury, Tim has brought exceptional service to our clients and helped thousands of clients with their time and temperature-critical shipments. In this interview, he will be sharing a typical day of a logistics guide in Mercury, the benefits of working with Mercury for the clients, and key milestones of his career. Join us as we learn more about Tim.

Can you tell us about your journey to become a logistics guide in Mercury? 

I started my career as a Mail Sorter in the Boston area when I was 19. During that time, I had several experiences from Shift Supervisor to Operations Manager. Working in logistics was something I was always interested in and in that period I met with Josh Medow, our CEO and it changed my career to a different direction. Now I am working in Tango Squad as a Logistics Guide. 

What does a typical day in your role look like? 

I start by mapping out my day; checking the status of the packages taken care of by the night shift that is updated in the evening and early morning, tracking International and Early AM shipments for status, confirming any same-day shipments I have lined up already, and keeping my freight jobs in check. Other than that, it’s mainly adding a human touch to clients’ shipments, scheduling last-minute urgent same-day shipments, guiding them through our portal processes, or breaking down what they can expect their shipment transit to be like.

What specific benefits can customers expect from working with one of our squads? 

In Mercury, we give dedicated attention and personal involvement to each shipment a client moves. We are not satisfied with the generic answers you will get from a call center that shuffles you along so they can get to the next customer. We leverage our knowledge and experience to get the best possible outcome in each situation. 

"We are not satisfied with the generic answers you will get from a call center that shuffles you along so they can get to the next customer."

Can you share some cases where Mercury’s services made you proud? 

We assisted a client down in Texas with temperature-controlled transit who aimed to bring back the wooly Mammoth through gene editing. I’m glad to have played even a small part in such a fantastic and monumental goal.

How do you contribute to a positive team culture? 

I try to be kind, patient, and fair where I can, and hope to inspire others to do so as well. I was also organizing team events for a time, and I like to make food to share here at the Boston office. 

What are some of the values or principles that guide you in your professional and personal development? 

Both in work and life, you sometimes get hit with setbacks or limitations you can’t surpass at that point in time. Take what positives you can from the situation, take to heart the lessons you learned for the future, and consider alternative paths for success if need be. 

What are some hidden talents or fun facts about you that most people do not know? 

Not sure if it’s exactly a hidden fact, but I am a karaoke enthusiast, who sometimes appears at many bars around Boston to sing early 2000’s alt rock and R&B jams.

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