Warehousing & Fulfillment

Mercury serves as a single point of contact for our clients' shipping needs, offering long-term warehousing space as well as temporary storage sites domestically and overseas. Our clients use Mercury’s warehousing and fulfillment when they grow out of the storage space at their contract manufacturer, are preparing to launch, running out of office space for storage, or if they’re simply looking to move product from various parts of the country.

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Why Mercury?

From a medical device or diagnostic kit startup needing to store a single pallet for a few days to a mature 3D printer, hardware, or robotics company with dozens of pallets and longer-term needs, our highly secured and dry warehousing space accommodates both. Mercury does not require a contract and offers simple month-to-month billing. At the Discovery stage of our Proven Process, we ask the right questions to determine your specific needs and provide cost-effective solutions.

Clients often start by storing a few pallets at a time, and Mercury picks them up at our client’s site and brings them to our local warehouse for storage. Once in a warehouse space with a loading dock, no liftgate is needed, and the shipping is simpler and less expensive.

Mercury’s team can arrange shipping through our Express Package, Domestic or International Freight services.

You have multiple options to ship including express overnight, 2nd day, air freight, less than truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL), same day courier, and white glove services.

Our clients work with our team to initiate pickups to ship their products to a:

  • Demo at a customer site

  • Sale to a client

  • Tradeshow

  • Meeting up with an engineer for demo or installation

Our Capabilities

Our clients have easy access to visit the warehouse for upgrades, repairs, or inventories. Mercury’s network includes warehouses that offer an inventory management system. This is used by clients shipping Express packages from the warehouse who want to confirm shipped materials via a daily tracking report, to keep track of in/out shipments, or to manage pallets by packing list or delivery note. We are also able to monitor and track the shipping of specific units down to its specific serial number to ensure it arrives at its destination.

Return Merchandise Authorization (Domestic and International)

Mercury offers an RMA program from our warehouses or with products sitting at our clients’ offices. RMA’s can be complicated; visibility on returns is often not transparent and tracking is not easy to find because shipments leave from a 3rd party site. In some cases, new product replacements or repairs cannot get shipped until the “old product” has been tendered.

Our clients rely on us to store and ship new products, prepare return labels, initiate pickups, create CI’s, and keep a paperwork trail including inventory and tracking numbers of original shipments. With our guidance, we can also ensure that our clients do not overpay on duties and taxes.

Employee Laptop Shipping Services for Organizations

Trade Show Equipment Storage

Material for a trade show can take a lot of space and is often used only a few times per year. Our easy, flexible warehousing and fulfillment services provide solutions so you can keep all of your trade show materials together. This can be anything from a large booth to an instrument or other product and promotional products.

Mercury can arrange for delivery directly to your show from one of our warehouses, at the end of the show we can move items back to the original warehouse or on to the next show by storing them temporarily at a nearby location.

Supporting Innovation by Simplifying Shipping Since 1984

Our Proven Process

Our Expertise

  • Long term warehousing
  • Medical device warehousing
  • 3D printer warehousing
  • Single pallet warehousing
  • Warehousing robots
  • Tracking packages from warehouse
  • International warehousing
  • Small package warehousing
  • Short-term warehousing
  • Temporary storage site
  • Order entry system
  • Pallet stacking at warehouse
  • RMA
  • Warehouse visit
  • Easy warehouse setup
  • Easy warehouse setup
  • Contract manufacturer storage capacity
  • No minimum warehouse space
  • Secure warehousing
  • Storage capacity
  • Multiple pallet warehousing
  • Inventory management system
  • Month-to-month warehousing
  • Tracking pallets from warehouse
  • Easy shipping from a warehouse
  • Secure server warehousing globally
  • Warehouse integration
  • Trade show storage
  • Local warehousing
  • Storing diagnostic kits
  • Packing list or Delivery note

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Since 1984, Mercury has been on a mission to support innovation by simplifying shipping. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

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