Ember Cube: Advanced Cold Chain Logistics for Sustainable Shipping

Ember Cube is a cloud-based shipping box providing advanced self-refrigeration technology for securely transporting temperature-sensitive biological samples. It is designed for products that require temperatures between 2-8°C. The patented temperature control technology ensures that the payload remains stable for over 72 hours. The collaboration between Ember and Cardinal Health has resulted in the world's first cloud-based shipping box that is self-refrigerated and designed to transport temperature-sensitive material for the Life Sciences industry. As part of our ongoing commitment to improvement, Mercury offers this technology to our clients.

Benefits of Ember Cube for Life Sciences Cold Chain Shipping:

  • Self-Refrigerated Technology: Ember Cube's system maintains ideal temperature conditions (between 2-8°C.), eliminating the risk of temperature excursions during transport and meeting the stringent requirements of life sciences companies.
  • Eco-Friendly with Return-to-Sender Technology: this innovative box can be used multiple times, reducing waste and saving time by generating the shipping returning label by simply pressing a button.  
  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring and GPS Location Tracking: the cloud-based system provides continuous temperature monitoring and real-time GPS tracking for complete peace of mind, precise control, and enhanced security of your shipments.

ember cube temperature monitoring and gps tracking dashboard

Ember's Cloud-Based SaaS Dashboard (Click to Enlarge)

Establish Sustainable Cold Chain Logistics With Ember Cube and Mercury

Mercury's legacy of excellence in logistics, combined with Ember Cube's innovative solution, offers unparalleled peace of mind, and saves time. We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your shipments and guaranteeing that they always reach their destination in perfect condition.

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