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25-Years of Excellence at Mercury: Jason’s Journey

April 25, 2024
Jason Curran

Meet Our People - Jason Curran

Meet Jason Curran, our Head of Quality and International Partnerships, bringing 25 years of invaluable expertise to Mercury. As one of our longest-serving team members, Jason's journey with Mercury is filled with remarkable experiences, milestones, and professional growth. Join us as we explore his dynamic career trajectory, unforgettable moments, and insights gained along the way.

What Can You Tell Us About Yourself and Your Role at Mercury? 

This year marks my 25th anniversary at Mercury.  My current role is as the Head of Quality and International Partnerships.  In this role, I strive to support my teammates with the practical experience I have gained during my tenure and to help provide them with the necessary resources to apply that support. 

How Has Your Role Evolved Since You Joined Mercury? 

Over the years, I've worn many different hats in the roles I have owned.  I started my journey here as a driving courier and have always just looked for additional opportunities to help the organization continue to grow.  Whether it was overseeing vehicle maintenance, assisting a client in building out a European distribution network or collaborating cross-functionally with our Product team on software improvements, I find new challenges on a daily basis to help find a solution.

What Are Your Proudest Accomplishments or Contributions to Mercury? 

In being heavily involved in Life Sciences, I sincerely understand and appreciate that a shipment isn't just a thing, it is a potential improvement for all of our lives.  That said, my most fulfilling accomplishment was in 2022 working with a local Massachusetts charity and the mayor of a town in Latvia that was hosting a group of Ukrainian refugee children.  I was able to assist in navigating the unique logistics required as well as the customs implications to get these collected donations of shoes and clothing to a place that would have a real impact on these displaced families. 

What Do You Think Makes Our Company Culture Unique? 

Just how flat the organization is in general and how accessible we all are to each other without regard to roles or titles.  

"Ideas and initiatives come from all levels and cross-functional collaboration is the key to our growth."

What Is One Thing That You Wish People Knew About Your Job? 

The amount of care that goes into even the most straightforward of shipments. What seems like a simple shipping label is a process handheld from the origin and proactively monitored for its entire duration.  From the scheduled pickup, through the cargo network journey until it reaches the hands of the recipient.  We are constantly monitoring for any deviations and applying course corrections and resolutions to minimize any type of delay. 

Can You Share a Memorable Moment or Project You've Worked on During Your Time at Mercury? 

A client made a decision to close down their European office and move to a B2C model out of their manufacturing headquarters.  Outside of designing the logistics portion of the new supply chain flow, there was a healthy amount of new governmental oversight to navigate.  The project took several months of collaboration from conception to execution but it is still thriving.  I took a good deal of satisfaction in being able to play a part in making the client's vision a reality. 

What Do You Enjoy Doing In Your Free Time or Outside Of Work? 

I have 16-year-old twin boys who play multiple sports on both the High School and Club level. This doesn't leave me with much free time, but when we do find it, we like to travel, play board games, and watch soccer. 

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