Simplifying for Clients Starts with Simplifying from within – How Mercury Created a 2-Page Employee Handbook

Simplifying for Clients Starts with Simplifying from Within – How Mercury Created a 2-Page Employee Handbook

“Dress Code – We trust you to make complex decisions in your roles at Mercury, so we trust you can dress yourselves. Use common sense.”

Boston, MA - March 28, 2023 - These two short sentences exemplify the nature and spirit of Mercury’s new Team Member Handbook, which is just Two (2) pages as revised down from the previous forty-two-page (yes, 42) Employee Manual.  At Mercury, we undertook this simplification project to better facilitate our employees living the core values of the organization. Those values are Client Obsession, Relentless Improvement, and World-Class Teamwork.

Every organization speaks of the importance of having engaged employees with a sense of ownership and empowerment.  And every organization speaks of the importance of living company values. However, for employee engagement and living of company values to happen in practice, a foundational approach is needed.

So, at Mercury, taking that foundational approach entailed, among other things, revising our 42-page Employee Manual down to a 2-page Team Member Handbook.

“We are an organization that is nearly forty years old, yet we constantly innovate and have the spirit and drive of a start-up,” says Josh Medow, CEO of Mercury.  “Our company exists because what our customers need is complicated, and through individual attention and cutting-edge software Mercury helps guide them. Mercury's mission is To Simplify Healthcare and Life Science Shipping, and we thought the best place to start is simplifying our own organization first.”

“People speak of scope creep when it comes to project management, but the same can be true of organizational practice creep,” shared Jasmine Martirossian, Mercury’s CMO and CPO.  “Taking an active approach to prevent that goes a long way in creating organizational engagement.  Having a two-page document that will actually be read by people is far more practical and beneficial than having a forty-two page treatise that no one reads.”

Mercury’s leadership is happy to share that to date every single team member has read the two-page Team Member Handbook, and they are actively referencing it.

About Mercury

Mercury partners with life sciences and healthcare organizations to address their complex time- or temperature-sensitive shipping needs. Our clients get individual attention rather than a 1-800 number for their critical shipments.  Our support teams proactively track every shipment and troubleshoot issues, so our clients can focus on their businesses and not shipping.  Our dependability allows our clients to grow their business with greater efficiency.  For over 39 years, we have ensured that our expert guidance and knowledge facilitate client success with time- and temperature-sensitive shipments.  Our clients appreciate Mercury’s flexible pickups, customized invoices and reports - a single source for all of their shipping needs.  You can learn more about Mercury at 

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