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20 Years of Navigating Logistics Growth and Strategy With Peggy Griffin

August 28, 2023
Navigating Logistics Growth & Strategy with Peggy Griffin

An interview with Peggy Griffin, Senior VP of Strategic Growth at Mercury

Written By: Daniella Gomes

Peggy Griffin, Senior VP of Growth and Strategy at Mercury, has contributed significantly to the company's growth in the Life Science sector with 20 years of experience in logistics. In this interview, Peggy shares her passion for listening and helping her clients and building a community of bright minds that has one main goal: changing people’s lives by bringing new discoveries to light.

Read her insightful interview here.

Can you share your role at Mercury and how you joined the company initially?

I started working at Mercury in Sales 25 years ago when the company's core business was managing logistics for law firms mostly. In 1998 I left to spend time with my daughters and returned in 2002 when the company's shifted its focus to shipping for Healthcare and Life Sciences companies, specializing in cold chain logistics.

In my current role as a Senior VP of Growth and Strategy, my main goals include growing our business, helping our clients, and forming partnerships within the life sciences community.

What are you passionate about in your role and working in this industry?

I love building strong relationships with clients that trust us with their most important thing, their valuable research. We know that the companies we serve work tirelessly to develop research for months and sometimes years. When Mercury ships research materials, we are responsible for managing life-changing products that cost time and money for many people, and we are proud to be part of something bigger that is changing and saving lives. I also enjoy focusing on Mercury's growth and expanding our community of healthcare and life science companies across different cities as I get to know bright people across the US and build long-term partnerships.

Can you share some cases where Mercury's services made you proud?

Absolutely. One memorable example was helping a medical device company when they sold their first device. Due to its nature, the equipment required white glove services, and watching our team's work and the client's enthusiasm was fantastic. Another case happened during the pandemic; a biotech company trusted us to deliver knee replacements to another country. We worked over holidays, and flight cancelations and disruptions were the norm. Despite all the complexities, we delivered the material safely and on time through our Next Flight Out service. I am very proud that we helped a patient, and our dedication to making that happen shows our commitment and adaptability to respond to our client's needs.

What valuable lessons have you learned throughout your career?

I always say that thinking creatively is important to offer unique solutions. Our clients are constantly driving innovations as they try to solve how to cure diseases and improve people's health. We must be innovative as well and foster the skill of active listening, and this can be harder than it seems. So, instead of formulating the response while someone is speaking, focus on understanding their needs first. This improves the quality of communication, and the person feels honestly heard.

What are the trends in the logistics industry, specifically in the healthcare and life sciences sectors?

Sustainability is an important and hot topic right now, and we are constantly improving our offerings that align with being more sustainable. The industry is shifting towards providing more self-service options and fast solutions - one significant example is our new shipping portal, called Mercury Portal, where clients can request, manage, and track their shipments in one place while having access to 24/7 live support.

Can you explain to our readers what the shipping portal is about?

We developed Mercury Portal, an advanced shipping solution born from our team’s expertise and client input, streamlining all shipping needs in a single place. With the portal, we are simplifying the shipping process more than ever, and clients can request, manage, and get notified about all their shipments, from same-day express to specialty cold chain logistics.

"Relentless Improvement, World-Class Teamwork, and Client Obsession are the core values that drive us to embrace innovation and exceed clients' expectations."

What advice would you offer to individuals starting their careers in logistics, particularly within the life sciences sector?

To succeed in any career, being an active listener is more crucial than being a prolific talker. Embrace the role of a thinker and a learner. Remember that sustainability is becoming increasingly important to clients, so understanding their preferences and providing environmentally friendly solutions will set you apart.

What do you do for fun?

I am fortunate to have many family members around us. We get together quite a bit; and enjoy BBQ, trails, and walks. I also love to listen to podcasts and cook.

Peggy's dedication to Mercury's growth is evident in her experience, insights, and commitment to community-building. Active listening and creative thinking are essential for a successful career in logistics, especially within the evolving landscape of healthcare and life sciences.

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