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My Marketing Internship Experience at Mercury

August 17, 2023
My Marketing Internship

From Classroom to Corporate: My Marketing Internship at Mercury

Written By: Liza Zhukov

I am an incoming college junior studying International Business and Logistics and developed a fascination with marketing after completing a marketing management course early in my sophomore year. I was looking to pursue my interest in the subject and after being offered a marketing internship at Mercury, and was eager to learn more about how marketing showcases a service to customers effectively, and what research needs to be done to be successful. 

Summer of 2023

I began my internship at Mercury in mid-May of 2023, and worked closely with the marketing team for the three months, learning how to utilize online resources to find potential prospects and clients that would be interested in the services Mercury has to offer. During my time interning, I learned numerous lessons about the marketing that takes place behind the scenes to find new prospects. I became familiar with websites that I had never heard of prior to working at Mercury and learned something new every day. 


I was tasked with finding contact information of employees in primarily health science industry companies, such as biotechnology and biosciences, healthcare facilities, and pharmaceuticals. I compiled many lists that consisted of emails, company and employee locations, and phone numbers that will eventually be used to network with employees to determine if they are interested in working with Mercury. 

Besides creating lists of contacts, I participated in helping create blogs on the Mercury website, a relatively new addition that contains short articles revolving around shipping, time sensitive packages, and other subjects that tie into what Mercury does for clients. I learned how to utilize Kentico, the platform used to design and format the webpages for the blog posts, as well as learning how to correctly format pictures to be high quality and the correct size once the blog is published on the website. These short and easy to read articles are meant to compare real-life scenarios and further educate the reader about what Mercury has to offer to businesses looking to ship packages with specific requirements. 

Liza Zhukov


Over the course of my internship, I learned more lessons than I could ever learn in a classroom, applying my prior knowledge of marketing to real world scenarios.

My colleagues were my greatest mentors, patiently helping me learn how to use websites I was not familiar with, teaching me how to properly market to different audiences, and guiding me through my three months at Mercury.

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