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Reducing Carbon Emissions in Logistics

July 17, 2023
Reducing Carbon Emissions in Logistics

Preserving Health and Our Planet: The Role of Sustainability in Shipping for Life Science Companies

Written By: Debbie Jung

When you think of the word "sustainability," what comes to mind? Perhaps green trees, recycling, and reducing your carbon footprint - the possibilities are endless. From a young age, we were taught to cherish and learn from our planet, and to preserve it for future generations. Nowadays, nearly all companies are striving to prioritize sustainability initiatives for the betterment of society. 

Importance of Sustainability in Shipping

Shipping plays a crucial role in the global economy, but its environmental impact is even more significant. From carbon emissions during transportation to the disposal of packaging materials, the environmental footprint of shipping can be substantial. We strive for a greener future in the health and life science communities, while ensuring successful delivery of valuable materials for our patients. Above all else, our main priority is the health of our clients' patients. 

3 Practices We Use to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Logistics

1. Eco-friendly Packaging 

Reducing harmful packaging and focusing on eco-friendly ones can significantly decrease a logistic company's footprint. At Mercury, we supply eco-friendly, reusable thermal shippers for our temperature-sensitive shipments. We also give our clients an option to return their reusable temperature-monitoring devices

2. Proactive Route Planning

When proactively planning our shipment routes, we can constantly re-evaluate outbound shipments to ensure that packages going to nearby locations can be consolidated. Strategically optimizing our travel routes minimizes emissions and energy usage. Embracing the idea of using hybrid or electric vehicles for ground transportation will further reduce environmental impact. 

3. Local Suppliers  

At Mercury, we prioritize local supply to reduce fuel emissions. Whether shipping in California or Massachusetts, Mercury has nationwide partnerships to source dry ice and packaging locally. By leveraging these local partnerships, we can avoid shipping materials across states, thus reducing our carbon footprint while also supporting local economies.  

Sustainability in Shipping

Strategic "Green" Partners

In the pursuit of sustainability, companies in the shipping industry are actively seeking strategic "green" partnerships. Advancing in the world requires forward-thinking, and innovative packaging is one way to reduce carbon emissions. For example, shipping a reusable box with temperature and time sensors built-in can eliminate the need for multiple materials, supplies, or packaging for a single shipment. More technologies invented have the potential to revolutionize cold chain logistics. At Mercury, we always keep up with the trending sustainable news and aims to grow our partnerships to the next level.  

The Future with Sustainable Shipping

The future of sustainable shipping is promising. As technology advances, regulations become stricter, and client preferences shift towards eco-friendly practices, the shipping industry is undergoing transformations. Companies that proactively embrace sustainability will contribute to a greener future and gain a competitive edge in the market. These actions will position themselves as leaders in the industry. 


Sustainability in shipping is a necessity. Companies like Mercury can significantly impact lowering the carbon footprint by practicing the three efforts listed above to reduce carbon emissions. As we ship to help our clients cure the rarest diseases, we also look to sustain beautiful earth for future generations. We strive to stay informed about sustainable advancements and continue to thrive in the evolving shipping industry. 

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