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Trade show shipping can be an expensive, stressful experience because of the difficulty in dealing with the trade show’s suggested carrier. Our clients prefer direct communication, working with an individual at Mercury who understands the trade show requirements and specific pickup and delivery schedules. Companies pay large amounts of money to exhibit at a show and sometimes months or years go into planning so everything needs to run smoothly. Our clients often have to get the shipment back to their offices quickly or on to the next show. Mercury offers overnight, time-sensitive shipping for when you're in a hurry to get the material to a trade show, or slower, non-guaranteed time frames when you have time and are looking to reduce costs.

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How It Works

Mercury’s broad network allows us to meet the tightest of deadlines, or when time isn’t of the essence, find the most cost-efficient pricing. Our trade show specialist team helps you make the right decisions and find the right solutions to meet your specific trade show requirements.

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We'll Ask Questions Such As:

  • How many pieces are you shipping?

  • What are their sizes and weights?

  • What are the pickup and delivery times?

  • Will you be taking out insurance?

  • Will you be needing crating, strapping or palletizing?

  • Are there any other special requirements that you’ll be looking for?

  • Please provide the trade show Material Handling Agreement.


This saves our clients money and time; saving them the hassle of having to ship materials back to their office, when they may gain efficiencies going from one show to the next.

Items from the show site may get shipped to the next show and depending on timing we can either ship directly there or hold onto the material for several days or weeks.

Next, our team will put together at least one quote and go over the details with you to double-check. Pick-up date and time is then set and we create all of the paperwork including the Bill of Lading (BOL) and forward that to you.

What We Ship

Trade show shipments are not limited just to an exhibit booth, but may include the following:

  • Instruments or medical devices

  • Robotics and computer hardware

  • Hard shell, black protective cases

  • Marketing materials and giveaways

Air Delivery

International Shows

When shipping overseas, a carnet may be your most cost-effective solution to reduce your duties and tax costs because the material is only temporarily imported. Please note that carnets have time limits depending on the country, so it’s important to send your material back to the US before expiration.

Mercury will put together the carnet on your behalf, providing the carnet pricing and the alternative pricing to not using a carnet. Our team will also advise of the time limit of the carnet and any other regulations for that specific country.

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Our Customer Experience

Mercury has helped us save labor costs and drive operational efficiencies as we scale our at-home COVID testing business.

- VP of Operations at a Diagnostics Company

Our Customer Experience

Incredible customer service and highly responsive. I have never had a better team helping to ensure our critical materials make it exactly where we need them, internationally, in such a timely manner.

- Laboratory Operations Manager at a Life Science Research Company

Our Customer Experience

Mercury saves us money and is helpful in getting insight when major couriers' own tracking information does not provide answers. We also love our pick-up handler!

- Partner at a Law Firm

Our Customer Experience

Arranging the shipment was easy and it was great to talk to the same people who understood my shipping requirements. The shipment was quickly delivered to Denmark and arrived frozen.

- Scientist at a Therapeutics Company

Our Customer Experience

Prompt service and fair pricing.

- Network Engineer at a Trading Company

Our Customer Experience

Anytime a package is late or cannot be delivered, Mercury contacts me and they will reroute a package if the address was incorrect. I don’t get that from anyone else.

- Office Manager at a Law Firm

Our Customer Experience

Incredible customer service - always going above and beyond to help my team succeed. We really appreciate your partnership in all things shipping!

- Commercial Operations at a Life Sciences Company