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Express or Airline for Shipping Biological Samples

October 2, 2023
Shipping Biological Samples

Exploring Express and Airline Shipping Methods

Written By: Debbie Jung

Sample shipping always plays a pivotal role in time- and temperature-sensitive cold chain logistics. Ensuring the perfect delivery of these temperature-sensitive samples is crucial to a variety of industries. This blog will explore the nuances of two primary shipping methods within cold chain logistics: express shipments and passenger airline shipments. By understanding these options, you can make informed decisions that align with your cold chain shipping needs.

Express Shipments: Overnight Shipping

When catering to cold chain logistics, especially for small biotech or health and life science companies, express shipments emerge as highly efficient and cost-effective solutions. Ensure you have enough dry ice when opting for this method, as dry ice replenishment can be tricky via express. There are many service levels for express shipments, but most choose overnight shipping for their samples. For domestic express shipments, they are easy to handle. However, international shipments are another story.

International Express: Collaborating with Shipping Experts

Collaborating with expert shipping professionals to handle the paperwork well in advance proves to be invaluable. International cold chain shipping involves intricate rules and regulations that can easily be missed during your own research. Seeking help from experts who can guide you through the paperwork process ensures substantial time and cost savings, eliminating the hassle of finding out if you prepared the documentation correctly or not.

Reputable express shipping providers possess a deep understanding of the critical nature of cold chain shipments. Leveraging advanced tracking and monitoring systems, these expert logistic providers can ensure that your samples are consistently maintained during transit. This proactive approach significantly decreases the risk of damage or delay during transportation.

However, even with immense preparation, your shipment might encounter obstacles upon arrival in the destination country. Customs reviews could potentially prolong the process, leading to additional questions about the contents of your shipment. Prompt responsiveness is pivotal in streamlining this phase.

In cases where your samples hold exceptional significance, exploring personalized shipping solutions may be the preferred choice. Whether it's due to time constraints or temperature sensitivity, tailoring shipping methods to your company's cold chain requirements is highly recommended.

Passenger Airlines: A Tailored Cold Chain Solution

For the shipments that need a bit more care and attention, shipping through passenger airlines is an option provided by select logistics companies. This approach entails dispatching your temperature-sensitive samples on commercial flights, affording heightened control and flexibility for last-minute requests and accommodations. The rationale here is to maintain constant oversight throughout the journey, allowing real-time temperature monitoring and adherence to optimal conditions via dry ice replenishment. 

Shipping blood samples and other biological specimen with express services.

Passenger airline cold chain shipments cater to diverse needs. Whether your samples need to reach their destination within a narrow 24–48-hour window due to variable shipping demands or require meticulous temperature control, this approach ensures the necessary precision. Collaborating with cold chain shipping experts is imperative, as it yields substantial cost and time savings for critical shipments. Direct access to solutions for time- and temperature-sensitive shipments via these experts is invaluable, safeguarding you against potential complications upon arrival.

The passenger airline approach is particularly suited for fragile biological samples, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive materials. The ability to continuously monitor and control temperature during the entire flight underscores the commitment to preserving the integrity of your samples. The incorporation of dry ice to regulate temperature further emphasizes the dedication to maintaining optimal conditions throughout the cold chain shipping process.

This service is also recommended when shipping internationally with dry ice. For greater control and dry ice replenishment, shipping experts can also provide advice on the proper documentation to comply with specific country regulations. 

Conclusion: Elevating Logistics for Research Success

The choice between express and passenger airline shipments hinges on various factors, including costs, communication, and other industry-specific requirements. Express shipments offer efficiency, while passenger airline shipments provide tailored precision. Either choice, collaborating with cold chain shipping experts streamlines the process, enabling you to concentrate on your core research and tasks of utmost importance.

The advantages of both express and passenger airline shipments are favorable if they align with the unique characteristics of your sample shipment. By selecting the ideal shipping approach, you ensure that your temperature-sensitive samples can journey the world with care, arriving in optimal condition to contribute to the advancement of your industry. As scientific and technological research continues to evolve, strategic cold chain logistics remains a cornerstone for progress, facilitating the seamless exchange of knowledge and innovation.

Your Preferred Time & Temperature-Sensitive Shipping Partner

At Mercury, we take pride in extending both express and passenger airline shipping services to our clients from the very first connection. Our unwavering commitment lies in creating tailored solutions that perfectly align with the unique needs of each client. Our mission revolves around alleviating the complexities associated with cold chain shipping – whether it may be navigating customs documentation, coordinating freight trade show shipments, managing asset returns, or facilitating express deliveries.

With decades of expertise, our services remain steadfastly dedicated to supporting clients within the health and life science, medical device, and biotech industry. We understand the intricacies and critical demands of these industries, and our unwavering dedication persists in delivering your temperature-sensitive shipments with precision and care. As your trusted partner, we ensure that your invaluable samples arrive in optimal condition, nurturing your research and contributions to further innovations.

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