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Clinic Logistics: Mercury's First-Mile Pickup Success Story

October 19, 2023
First mile shipping

Enhancing Patient Sample Transport for Clinics

Written By: Narek Hakobyan

In the field of life science logistics, time is of the essence, as there is a life behind every shipment. The secure shipping of patient samples relies on strict adherence to cold chain procedures. Unfortunately, one of our clinic clients faced persistent logistics challenges, significantly impacting their operations.

Initially, the clinic entrusted their patient sample transport to another logistics provider. However, the experience proved unsatisfactory. The clinic's team faced a recurring issue with pickup times, which were inconsistent, and could be either late or unexpectedly early.

Frustration peaked, prompting the clinic's coordinator to seek a more reliable logistics partner. This quest led them to Mercury, where we engaged with the clinic to understand their struggles and offer a customized first-mile carrier pickup solution.

The transition marked a turning point for the clinic. Instead of sporadic pickups, Mercury now ensures pickups every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with unfailing punctuality. This newfound consistency brings much-needed relief to the clinic staff, who now confidently anticipate the courier's timely arrival.

Though no system is flawless and disruptions may occasionally occur due to factors like weather and traffic, the clinic promptly receives a call from a Mercury representative in such situations. This high level of communication and transparency has fostered deep trust with the client, confirming Mercury's grasp of the vital nature of these shipments.

The clinic's pain points have now become a thing of the past, replaced by a renewed sense of control, confidence, and, most importantly, an improvement in patient care. Discover how our first-mile logistics solutions can help you achieve the same.

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